LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review

LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111047

September 2, 2021
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The 5-day LIFAN KPV150 Wujiang Gallery riding activity has come to a successful end. During the journey of more than 800 kilometers, KPV150 has withstood the repeated baptism of different road conditions and different environment, such as heavy rain, mud, high temperature and ramps and has demonstrated the unique product genes of the crossover scooter with zero-failure performance throughout the whole journey.

The protagonists of this cycling activity are 2 top-equipped KPV models, of which the red one is equipped with the highway tire and the gray one is with the tortoise-back tire. Both motorcycles are equipped with a dual-channel ABS system and an automatic start-stop system. However, it should be specially pointed out that these two motorcycles are not completely new, with actual mileage of hundreds to more than 1000 kilometers. Their whole vehicle state is closer to the actual vehicle condition, so their performance is of more reference value than ordinary new motorcycles in this riding.

The journey of about 800 kilometers is not long, but considering that both vehicles are scooters, and the whole journey is national road with many curves and the road conditions are relatively complex. The two bikes almost drove at high speed for most of the whole riding process, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the stability and durability of the bike.


LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111206

The driving posture representation

LIFAN KPV150 is a crossover scooter integrating urban shuttle and long-distance cycling, so its overall sitting posture is more casual than ordinary scoters. The KPV150’s handlebar width has been further shortened, which effectively reducing the demand of hand strength support, while also virtually improving the bike’s flexibility. In addition, the front foot pedal area of the scooter is much more abundant than ordinary sheep models, the overall feeling is very stretch. With KPV150’s straight handlebar, it is easy to form a driving posture similar to cruise models.

In terms of control mechanism design, KPV150 adopts small forward angle setting and shorter handlebars, so in most cases, the motorcycle can provide a more flexible control feeling for the driver, especially when driving on national roads with relatively more vehicles. Thanks to the light steering characteristics of KPV150 and its medium and long wheelbase, the two vehicles can almost stay in the case of less deceleration and pass through the gap between the traffic clearance. Theirs good positive performance also give riders more confidence invisibility.


LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111051


From the actual driving experience, LIFAN KPV150 can naturally form a relatively relaxed driving posture between the driver and the vehicle when riding on the straight road, similar to the riding triangle of a cruise, which greatly reduces the fatigue feeling. In hand posture, both support and sense of control are good. In fact, KPV150 is a very suitable scooter for long-distance riding, which can fully meet the riding needs of about 300km in a single day. Its comfort performance is obviously superior to that of ordinary street standard bikes.

Of course, the KPV150 as a sports scooter specially designed for the special road conditions, also performs well on the unpaved road. The ground clearance of more than 135mm represents the unimaginable passing ability. In the riding, there were many large potholes. Due to the rapid speed, riders almost jumped over without any bottoming out. Because the shock absorber of the KPV 150 is the structure of the front double and the rear single, and its front shock absorber adjustment is relatively soft, while the rear one is hard. This damping match makes hand control easier.


LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111145

Dynamic performance

KPV150 is not a traditional scooter. During the long test, KPV150 traveled through mountains and rivers, went ahead in the rain and sped along national highways. The water-cooled four-valve 150 EFI engine is not as weak as you think. The engine sound is not loud, but very stable and thick. According to the riding experience, when the engine is at 3500-6500 RPM, the power will always be accompanied by obvious continuity (its maximum speed can reach about 95km/h at small ramps), and it is linearly friendly.

KPV 150 has obvious and continued acceleration in the 0-85km/h speed section, but after 90km/h, the power will gradually waken and the engine will enter the oil cut protection after 107km/h. From the overall power performance, KPV150 seems to pay more attention to early power performance. After all, for such a scooter as KPV150, which combines urban shuttle and motorcycle travel, the instantaneous acceleration feeling and low-speed torque performance are often more important and pragmatic than tremendous speed performance.


LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111101

Braking force and anti-skid performance

The motorcycles for this riding are equipped with two types of tires. Because it rained several days during this riding, the roads were relatively slippery. From the overall riding performance, the KPV 150’s road adhesion is relatively good because it adopts the relatively soft TIMSUN tires and the center of gravity of this bike is low. In the actual riding, KPV 150 has a large safety limit. It needs to be specifically explained that after many optimization adjustment, the front and rear braking power distribution is more uniform and the feeling is lighter. The enough moderate braking force performance will undoubtedly make KPV150 have better hands-on features.


LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111158

Fuel consumption performance

The official fuel tank parameter of KPV 150 is 9.5L, and the total cycling journey is about 800 kilometers. In the case of violent high-throttle riding, the actual fuel consumption of 100km of KPV 150 is about 2.4 to 2.5L. If it rides normally at an economic speed, the fuel consumption will be further reduced. Overall, the fuel consumption of KPV 150 is very close to that of most standard bikes of the same level and is highly consistent with its officially claimed 400km range.


LIFAN KPV150 Long Test Ride Review 20210829111137


LIFAN KPV150 is an all-around scooter product with high maneuverability and high playability. It not only has the convenient performance of ordinary scooters but also breaks the conventional advantages of street bikes in terms of passivity and economy, so the use scene of scooters can be further expanded.

As LIFAN’s one of the most representative scooters, the appearance of KPV150 not only pointed out a new direction for the development of domestic scooter, but also virtually changed the inherent cognition of scooter in people’s minds.


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