Lifan Retro DK150 Review

Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 17

November 2, 2019
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On July 1, 2019, a piece of good news for the motorcycle industry was published: 150cc and smaller models were exempted from purchase tax. Against this background, Lifan group launched DK150, the first model of its brand-new DK series. DK150 enjoys the advantages of mature appearance and stable engine, besides it allows users to enjoy tax exemption. At present, 150cc retro models conforming to National IV Emission Standard are rare on the market, and the quick launch of DK150 has seized the opportunities.


DK150 continues the popular modern fresh retro style, with a younger red appearance featuring high identification. Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 16Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 15Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 14Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 9Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 8

DK150’s headlamp uses round bilevel LED lights, plus LED light ring, and the rear-view mirror is also changed to the traditional type. All lighting adopts LED lights.

The front inverted and rear central shock absorbers, the front and rear big brake discs are continued to use those of Lifan’s previous models, ensuring reliable quality.

DK150 is equipped with Lifan NBS150 air-cooled engine and Lifan independently-developed electronic injection system, with a maximum power of 8.6kw/8,000rpm and a maximum torque of 10.5N·m/6,500rpm. It uses a rare cyclic 5-speed transmission.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 13L, which can easily endure a cruising distance of 400km with normal fuel consumption of a 150cc engine. The red paint is delicate and textured, and the two symbolic belts are good embellishments.

DK150 is an entry-level premium retro motorcycle with all good features and details. It will be more satisfying if an ABS edition can be provided later.

Riding experience

With a 780mm seat height, a 1.7m tall rider can easily touch the ground on both feet. And DK150 is lighter and easier to handle. Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 18Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 17

For those who are used to operate the international gears, the first step is to get used to the reverse operation of DK150’s circular gears. The setting of circular gears should be for the consideration of users in rural areas.

The riding posture is casual, and the integrated seat is comfortable, which are all suitable for daily transportation or short trips.

The engine maintains Lifan’s characteristic of “quiet and low vibration”, and an obvious vibration is only felt at around 8,000rpm. The engine is quiet and easy to start with smooth power output, which is very suitable for green hands or female users. Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 2Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 3Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 4Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 5Lifan Retro DK150 Review LIFAN RETRO  DK150 REVIEW 6

Although DK150 is positioned as an entry-level retro motorcycle, its factory adjustment of shock absorbers and inclination are all inclined to be that of a sport model, which results in DK150’s flexible handling, light steering, and riding pleasure. If modified slightly, it can be transformed into a supermoto or an entry-level racing model. The 180mm-high ground clearance also allows it a certain off-road capability and passability, so it can also be changed into a small scrambler. This is an advantage of a retro model: there is great potential for further modification.

DK150 features easy operation, low vibration, smooth power output, pleasing riding experience and great modification potential. It is one of the rare 150cc retro models with certain sport performance.


Exemption from purchase tax

Original retro looks

Currently, there are not many 150cc retro models on the market, and DK150 stands out with its original appearance

Lower maintenance costs

The air-cooled engine is stable and reliable, and there are no additional maintenance items except regular maintenance such as oil replacement. Compared with water-cooled models, the maintenance costs are lower.

Better fuel economy

The smaller the engine is, the lower the fuel consumption and the better the fuel economy are, so the same tank capacity supports longer cruising range.



If you are looking for a unique retro motorcycle for daily mobility or traveling around, you do not have high requirements for the power system, and you are more concerned about the later use costs, then DK150 is your best choice. (Source:

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