LUYUAN Launched A New Product - INNO5

LUYUAN Launched A New Product - INNO5 DAYUN DY300 2F REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 02

August 3, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – In China, the market holdings of e-bicycle is as high as 350 million, and e-bicycles are undoubtedly the best choice for short mobility. LUYUAN put forward the concept of light intelligence, which reduces the burden of vehicles and makes riding more convenient with the simplest and the most practical intelligent configurations.

LUYUAN has a deep cooperation with Alicloud AIoT. Through built-in Aliyun AIoT customized intelligent module for e-vehicles, depending on the operative system of The Internet of Things AliOS Things and uniting T-MALL’s two wheeler industry, LUYUAN has released a applet of ALIPAY ”flash rider” - a complete bike-control method. LUYUAN also cooperate with Alicloud to adopt SOC of e-vehicle’s battery, which can indicate the remain battery capacity precisely in percentage.

The newly launched INNO5 is the embodiment of light intelligence. The non-inductive unlock, three gear intelligent unlock and one key control make it very practical. INNO5 also has a one-click search function.

INNO5 is also a liquid-cooled electric vehicle, it is equipped with 400W liquid-cooled motor and adopts accurate SOC display with precision over 95%. The fully sealed lithium battery fast charging, the robot-welded frame, integrated wiring harness, all these are self-designed core components from LUYUAN.

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