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March 16, 2022
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One of the most important factors to consider when buying an electric motorcycle is the cost performance. Of course, cost performance does not mean a cheap product, but a product that is better than those of its kind in terms of brand, appearance, performance, safety, and after-sales services.

Luyuan S30 is a new electric motorcycle that saw great sales in 2021. It is more of an electric motorcycle for male riders, but such a big machine can also be used by girls. The reason why S30 was such a best seller throughout the year can be explained by several key words: liquid cooling, long cruising range, six-year quality guarantee.

Luyuan is among the oldest companies in the electric vehicle industry, with strong brand strength and foundation. It is worth noting that Luyuan is not only keen on technological innovation, but also a design master in the industry. Luyuan’s annual fashion color conference is a major focus of the market. As the flagship model of Luyuan, S30 is of course refined internally and externally. In addition to the strong support of liquid cooling power, the appearance design and color scheme are also outstanding.

S30 is the a model independently developed by Luyuan. S30 has an elegant appearance. Minimalist design and advanced industrial manufacturing bring beautiful lines and visual impact.

Good looks

Luyuan never disappoints users in color scheme. Grass green is S30’s main color. The high-end colour and lustre brought by top paint technique makes it rather attractive. The front face is provided with a highly recognizable LED headlight with a wide illumination angle. The taillight is also a stylish one that features good light intensity and bringing a wide view for safe riding at night. With a body size of 1800*710*1098, S30 has adequate internal and external space. The spacious pedal and excellent ergonomics design bring a comfortable driving posture to ease long-distance rides.

LUYUAN S30 REVIEW LUYUAN S30 REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 09ver2 1

Under the comfortable luxury saddle, there is a 31L bucket. Luyuan specially designed the interior space of the bucket to be larger to carry more stuff, thus improving practicability.

Outstanding performance

The S30 has a 9.2-inch widescreen all-vision meter, like a tablet on the head, which shows various information such battery information, speed and mileage. Moreover, the dashboard adopts a core black technology of Luyuan, that is, the SOC accurate power display.

For traditional lead-acid batteries, the display of remaining power is not as accurate as that of lithium batteries. Luyuan is the first in the industry that has successfully applied the SOC power display method to lead acid battery. SOC power display reaches a 95% accuracy to allow riders to know the actual status of the motorcycles. With Luyuan’s intelligent algorithm, the cruising range is effectively increased by more than 10%.

As the flagship model of the liquid-cooled power series, S30 is naturally a combination of liquid-cooled power technologies. S30 is equipped with Luyuan liquid-cooled motor with built-in insulating coolant, which is not only dustproof and waterproof, but also enables the temperature of the motor to drop by 30°C under high speed operation, and the overall motor efficiency is over 90%. The advantage of a liquid-cooled motor is that it can effectively avoid motor demagnetization, or prevent rust and water from entering the motor to cause a failure.It can greatly improve and stabilize the operation efficiency of the motor.

Another core technology of liquid cooling power is the air cooling controller. With a built-in fan, it is active cooling and the controller drops 30°C. The air intakes on both sides of the barrel help further improve heat dissipation efficiency, delivering greater power when climbing a slope with heavy load.

Distinctive design

S30 uses graphene steel wire tires featuring good wear resistance and long service life, which can also help improve the cruising range and suits all kinds of complicated road conditions. S30 adopts Luyuan’s unique brake using ceramic composite material to be wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, reducing the braking distance by 30% and prolonging the service life by 5 times. The professionally adjusted hydraulic high performance shock absorbers actively filter vibration to bring comfortable riding experience.

LUYUAN S30 REVIEW LUYUAN S30 REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTORver2ver2

The intelligent anti-theft support is laborsaving. It is also designed with the anti-theft function. The motorcycle is locked once it is parked.

Equipped with 72v23Ah graphene lead-acid battery, S30 has an officially claimed range of 120km, and the actually tested range is over 100km.

In addition, Luyuan has made a sincere commitment on quality assurance policy. The core components such as the liquid cooled motor and air cooled controller have a quality guarantee of 6 years. That is really a great news for consumers.

S30 is a hot model in 2021. Luyuan has made great efforts in bringing out this electric motorcycle. It has superior appearance design, dynamic performance, cruising range, riding experience, and after-sales service. In particular, the 6-year guarantee for the core parts makes users worry-free.

LUYUAN S30 REVIEW LUYUAN S30 REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOT11ORver2

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