New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20

New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20

October 14, 2019
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When we talk about the brand MI, the founder Lei Jun comes to mind first. However, with the launch of “Xiaomi Youpin”, many MI fans jokingly call MI the department store of mobile phone industry. Many third-party brands are using Xiaomi Youpin for publicity, since MI always comes with ultra-high popularity. With the implementation of the new national standard, more and more people are choosing electric bikes that are up to the CCC certification. Today we are going to introduce the electric bike HIMO C20.

New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20HIMO C20 is sold by Himo-tech and manufactured by Leizhi, with guaranteed quality. It has exclusive appearance patent, using innovative built-in battery pack, which is perfectly hidden in the beam and closely connected with the body. The folded handlebar, inside wiring, and simple design style are classic continuation. It demonstrates static mechanical art as well as dynamic aesthetics.

HIMO C2 adopts light aluminum alloy frame and a reasonable man-machine structure. It has passed the test of new national standard and obtained CCC certification, so it can be ridden on the road at any time. In addition, the distinctive C20 has exclusive structural patent, excellent integrated design of rear flat fork supports tube and five-way connection, and the 20-inch light frame. The frame is made with NC processing technology, thus showing a quality and value much higher than that of traditional models.

New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20The displaying instrument is carefully adjusted by engineers to clearly show real-time cycling data, making easy control of the whole riding process. It is driven by electric power and manpower, with three riding modes to switch over. It is a bicycle but also an electric vehicle.

HIMO C20 adopts a brushless DC motor, with a power of 250W and rated voltage of 36V. The 36V10Ah lithium battery provides durable and powerful energy output. The cruising range reaches 80km, and the 2.5kg battery is hidden in the frame girder. The BMS not only undertakes the function of accurate calculation of electric quantity, but also comprehensively monitors and protects the current voltage and temperature. When the battery power is low, it starts automatic load distribution. No matter in severe winter or summer, it provides you stable and sustaining power supply.

The 6-speed Shimano transmission is easy to operate, and works with the efficient brushless DC motor, which can reach a rev of 380rpm, to provide strong power output and enable agile and efficient control.

New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20The assisted cruising range is about 80 kilometers, and the electrically powered range is about 50 kilometers, which meets the basic needs for daily transportation.(Source:

New MI Electric Bicycle HIMO C20

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