No Service Life Limit for Motorcycles?

No Service Life Limit for Motorcycles? 1

February 8, 2022
Posted by: chinamotor

China–Recently, several pictures about the revision of the end-of-life policy have sparked heated discussion among motorcyclists, which indicates that ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles may have an unlimited lifespan.

This document from the Ministry of Public Security is soliciting opinions from traffic police departments on the Provisions on the Criteria for Compulsory Discard of Motor Vehicles (Draft for Comment). That is to say, the new scrappage standards have been initially revised by the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments.

According to Article 5 of the newly revised provisions, common two-wheeled motorcycles and multi-purpose trucks may have no service life limits, i.e. they may be no longer compulsorily scrapped. The document shows no limit in service life, but a 160,000-km limit in mileage for ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles. However, three-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds still have the 12-year or 100,000-km and 13-year or 120,000-km scrappage criteria.

For so many years, we have finally seen a little substantial progress in lifting restriction on service. We hope it can be actually implemented in the near future.

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