Qianjiang VZ125i Launched

Qianjiang VZ125i Launched Qianjiang VZ125i Launched 1

October 11, 2019
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At the beginning of the second half of 2019, Qianjiang officially released a new scooter: VZ125i. This product completely subverted people’s cognition of Qianjiang scooter with a sporty appearance, technological configuration, and front and rear 14-inch big wheel. It is positioned as the SUV in scooters, demonstrating unique features in the domestic market.

In fact, VZ125i is not a new product. As early as 2018, VZ125i was officially launched in the Malaysian market. There are a large variety of transportation motorcycles, especially scooters, with high technological level in Southeast Asian countries where the consumption capacity is also high. From the perspective of fuel economy, Chinese users generally prefer scooters with 12-inch tires, while Southeast Asian users prefer 13-14-inch tires with high speed stability and good moveability. After its launch in Malaysia, VZ125i continued to sell well thanks to its excellent performance and precise positioning, and gradually changed local users’ stereotype of Chinese scooters.

Qianjiang VZ125i Launched Qianjiang VZ125i Launched 2The picture below is the export version of VZ125i. The overall design is avant-garde and bold, with sharp and concise body lines. The LED lights enhance the sense of sports and technology. The lion decals and the Benelli logo make VZ125i look more like a Benelli product.

All those exterior features suggest that VZ125i is a model based on Benelli’s ideas. So, why it becomes a Qianjiang product in the domestic market?

Qianjiang VZ125i Launched Qianjiang VZ125i Launched 3It starts with Qianjiang’s relationship with Benelli. Since 2005, when Qainjiang bought Benelli, the two have been inseparable. Qianjiang absorbed the original Benelli technology and engineers, cooperated with the original team to develop a large number of middle and large displacement models in a short time, and constantly strengthened the brand concept of Benelli in the domestic and international markets, making it the king of middle and large displacement models in China while expanding its territory in the world.

Since the launch of Qianjiang Dragon in 2009, Qianjiang has not launched new products in a real sense for a long time. Excellent products all belonged to Benelli brand. As one of China’s oldest and most famous motorcycle brands, Qianjiang is supporting its partner in an almost heroic way. In a sense, without Qianjiang, there would be no Benelli.

Qianjiang VZ125i Launched Qianjiang VZ125i Launched 4However, with Benelli’s position becoming increasingly stabilized, it has become an internal consensus to let Benelli’s technology flow back and re-upgrade and transform the Qianjiang. Qianjiang needs to reposition its brand and products to regain its former glory in the increasingly harsh small-displacement motorcycle market. Seen from the launch of the VZ125i, Qianjiang may have laid out a clear road map: to take the scooter as a breakthrough to develop and manufacture young, sporty and technology-based small displacement models.

Qianjiang VZ125i Launched Qianjiang VZ125i Launched 5With VZ125i as the starting point, Qianjiang will have bright prospects.

Qianjiang VZ125i Launched Qianjiang VZ125i Launched 6


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