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QJMOTOR Products Upgrades QJMOTOR Products Upgrades motorcycle  news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

February 16, 2022
Posted by: chinamotor

China–On January 19 and 20, 2021, QJMOTOR unveiled its “Shan” (meaning fast as a flash) series new products. In the press conference, QJMOTOR released the new “Shan” 300S (QJ300-12A) with belt drive, the new “Shan” 500S with amazing appearance and improved displacement, and even a design drawing of “Shan” 700S.

The new QJ300-12A uses a new color scheme, including Harley orange, blue and gloss black. It uses a sliding clutch and a belt drive to further reduce body weight.

The changes to the “Shan” 500S are mainly concentrated in the upper parts of the body, i.e. headlight, handlebar, dash, cushion and tail. The headlight is changed to the one used on QJ300-12A. The original plastic shell and guard plate were removed from the fuel tank, which has also been replaced a water-drop tank similar to QJ300-12A. A USB charging port is provided below. It still has a split cushion with minor modification to the decoration board. The entire tail part is significantly changed, including the taillight and fender. The tire size is changed from 18 inches front and 17 inches rear to 16 inches both front and rear. It is also changed to belt drive.

Besides, a design drawing of “Shan” 700S was exposed at the press conference.

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