Sanya’s electric motorcycle TDT79Z Has Passed CCC

Sanya’s electric motorcycle TDT79Z Has Passed CCC Sanya’s electric motorcycle TDT79Z Has Passed CCC

November 12, 2020
Posted by: chinamotor

The implementation of the new national standard for electric two-wheelers has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the electric two-wheeler industry. Many companies are scrambling to launch various electric models conforming to the new standard to meet the different needs of consumers.

Not long ago, Sanya’s TDT79Z officially passed China Compulsory Certification (CCC), with the certificate No. 2020151119033071. This means that Sanya will have a legally-produced and sold new national standard electric model, adding to its existing product line.

TDT79Z can be equipped with a li-ion or lead acid battery, which makes a convenient means of transportation in the busy cities or quiet countryside.

Due to the strict implementation of the new national standard, consumers are increasingly inclined to choose electric two-wheeler brands with high stability, rich product lines and reliable management. Sanya provides a number of electric motorcycle models, as well as new national standard electric bicycle series to satisfy your preference.

Sanya has electric motorcycle production qualification and CCC. Relying on more than 20 years of motorcycle production experience, adhering to the concept of manufacturing durable and reliable products, Sanya’s electric two-wheeler products deliver excellent quality.

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