SHINERAY XY500B-A Centennial Glory Version Hit The Market

SHINERAY XY500B-A Centennial Glory Version Hit The Market SHINERAY XY500B A Centennial Glory Version Hit The Market  Chinese motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

August 13, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – SHINERAY XY500B-A Centennial Glory Version is on the market. This time, Chinese red is used as the key color, along with centenary classic elements, so the retro feeling of Chinese red is obvious and attractive.

The sidecar adopts multiple baking paint technology, automobile level appearance with imported paint and several surface core processing. And the color makes it bright and calm.

The overall core performance of shock absorption is greatly upgraded, and the high-class electroplating appearance highlights the classic technology and high quality.

Newly upgraded LED headlights and high texture transparent make riders feel free to ride day and night.

Brake pump is overall upgraded and the brake handle adds the parking function, so that the parking will be much safer and the travel will be more comfortable.

The bull-puncher sewed seat uses waterproof leather, and this high-quality seat will undoubtably bring comfortable ride experience.

Lightweight aluminum alloy spoke vacuum tires, silver white paint appearance and the spokes structure have been optimized, which makes the overall bearing capacity improved.

At last, the centennial theme elements will definitely give riders a new riding experience.

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