Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles

Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles 20211020131238

December 14, 2021
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Hangzhou Qiulong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SURRON) full-size high-performance electric off-road motorcycle Storm Bee has been on sale recently after 3 years’ preparation since its debut at the 2019 EICMA.

The commercial version of Storm Bee has 3 editions: off-road editions, forest road edition and all-terrain version. Among them, the all-terrain can get a yellow license plate normally according to the policy. The frames and power platforms of three editions are the same, except for some differences in the regulation configurations such as lamps and wheel specifications. The frame is forged with all-aluminum alloy which ensures the strength and greatly reduces weight. The curb weight of all-terrain edition is 135kg. (It weighs only 103kg without batteries)


Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles 20211020131252


In terms of power, Storm Bee carries the built-in motor and intelligent vector control system independently developed by SURRON, with a maximum output power of 22.5Kw (30.6ps). This high-speed built-in motor has a maximum speed of 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 65N·m.

Different from the mobility scooter we usually ride, this motor system with speed reducer and chain transmission has an attractive sound wave, and the high frequency running sound brings sci-fi futuristic and powerful feelings. The high-performance three electric system stratification lays out in all- aluminum alloy frame which minimizes the unsprung mass, improves suspension sensitivity and adds much confidence to riding.


Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles 20211020131256


As a full-size off-road bike, the torque is one of the most important core specifications. Due to the electric motor, the torque of Storm Bee reaches amazing 520 N·m! The powerful torque output brings crazy accelerating ability. 0-50km/h needs 1.8 seconds, 0-80km/h needs 3.6 seconds, and the top speed can reach over 110km/h. The Storm Bee’s power of 22.5KW is flat to that of 250cc fuel bikes, but the torque of 520 N·m can make the accelerating performance almost be equal to the 600cc motorcycles! In addition, due to Storm Bee does not have the complicated clutch shift control, riders just twist the right handlebar to the end to enjoy the terrifying acceleration feeling like tearing the air.

Of course, it can run fast and also be to stop. The Storm Bee whole series are equipped with customed front 270mm and rear 240mm large-size hydraulic disc brakes which can provide strong and lasting braking force in any situation. The easy and simple braking system is the standard configuration for the whole series to prevent the bike from slipping when it stops on the ramp.

Besides the power, the other important specification of the off-road bike is the whole bike’s frame and damping system. Storm Bee is equipped with 47mm inverted adjustable front shock absorber which has 290mm effective suspension travel and the same 115mm adjustable central rear shock. The Shock absorption exclusively adjusted by SURRON to achieve the balance of sports and comfort. The maximum steering angle of 45° and minimum ground clearance of 315mm provide excellent handling and passing performance.


Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles 20211020131307


The strong power, sensitive handling, easy control and the frame design with both strength and rigidity makes this bike more controllable. However, with such a strong power, how to restrain and output it effectively is also taken into consideration by SURRO. Storm Bee is equipped with customed ABS and ASR. ASR is the multi-level adjustable sporty traction control system which can be adjusted by one button at any time in the riding. The riding force control on complex road surface and the difficult power drift throughout the curve are very easy, which makes riding safer. All of these are thanks to the 150V intelligent vector controller, the core processing unit of Storm Bee.

The Storm Bee’s specially configured 150V intelligent vector controller is independently developed by SURRON. The waterproof grade can reach IP67. It has several built-in sensors and connects sensors of batteries, motor, instrument and other configuration by CAN Bus, which can automatically adjust the power output and protection strategy according to the real-time conditions of the power system, such as temperature and electricity to ensure users’ best experience. protect riding safety in the furthest extent and prolong the life of the system.


Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles 20211020131303


In addition to the basic performance, SURRON also spends great amount of effort to adjust the throttle response curve matching each power mode, trying to make the Storm Bee achieve the most reasonable and professional off-road riding experience, and this part is the field that most of two-wheeled electric vehicle enterprises never pay attention to.

What’s more, the Storm Bee has 4 riding modes: economic, rain, sports and turbo which makes the riding of the full-size off-road bike more interesting and allows riders at all stages to choose a more suitable power output mode.

SURRON also uniquely add the “R mode (reverse mode)”, so that the Storm Bee’s ability getting out of trouble is going up to a higher level.

90V/48AH high-power ternary lithium battery which uses the industry’s top Sony VTC6 cells, automotive-grade intelligent relay solutions and a safe and efficient battery management module can provide more than 100KM of range at the speed of 50km/h.


Storm Bee Tries to Overturn Traditional Off-road Motorcycles 20211020131311


After releasing Light Bee in 2017, SURRON has become the top domestic high-end electric vehicle brand, and now the coming of Storm Bee is definitely exciting. The accumulation of electric vehicle technology involves the accumulation of vehicle body, mechanics, equalization, control, man-machine, safety, reliability and other fields. SURRON is by no means an ordinary electric vehicle manufacturer that assembles batteries and motors, but a high-performance electric motorcycle brand that restrains itself with absolute first-class standards and vision.

Under the influence of current global electrification policy, many traditional manufacturers are still in a confused transition period, while SURRON has come up with high-power off-road electric motorcycles that can be licensed as fuel motorcycles, which is enough to see the ambitions of this young company. The launch of Storm Bee not only fills the market gap of full-size high-performance electric off-road but also create a shiny business card for “Made in China” internationally. The extremely simple operation logic and rich electronic controls can also make novice and veterans enjoy riding between safety and performance. It is foreseeable that “Storm Bee” will become a hit after “Light Bee”, continuing to lead electric motorcycles industry into a brand-new generation. (Source: WeChat: superbike1980-)

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