SUNRA’s Electric Bike Lithium Battery Guaranteed For 5 Years

SUNRA’s Electric Bike Lithium Battery Guaranteed For 5 Years SUNRA’s Lithium Battery Guaranteed For 5 Years Chinese motorcycle news

September 18, 2020
Posted by: chinamotor

China – Recently, SUNRA held a super strategy global press conference. At the event, SUNRA unveiled its new generation car-level lithium battery, a safe and long-life core battery technology developed based on the high-speed passenger car powertrain standard. This lithium battery is guaranteed for five years, that is, within five years, the battery can be replaced for free if the capacity is less than 70%.

Another highlight of the event was the launch of the new generation of MIKU family products: MIKU Super, an intelligent two-wheeler carrying the new generation lithium battery, and XC2. MIKU Super adopts the dual-core dual-power system independently developed by SUNRA, which is 25% more powerful than ordinary intelligent electric two-wheelers. Its intelligent controller can provide more than 20 safety protection measures.

At the same time, MIKU Super adopts the new generation car-level lithium battery that has an ultra-long cycle life, larger cell capacity, high energy density, and excellent low temperature resistance. It can still discharge more than 80% at -10℃.

The launch of MIKU Super not only demonstrates the innovation and breakthrough on electric two-wheeler technology, but also indicates that the electric two-wheelers have entered a new era. Super high-quality, endurable lithium battery products will gradually replace the old models and become consumers’ “new favorite”.

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