Technology Of Ninebot E200P one Leads The Industry

Technology Of Ninebot E200P one  Leads The Industry 09

August 2, 2021
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The first motorcycle in the world was born in 1885. After more than 130 years of evolution and iteration, intelligent electric motorcycles have become the favorite in the current era. As a leading means of mobility in the new era, manufacturers of intelligent electric motorcycles are also pursuing constant technological innovation to promote the transformation of future mobility.

A professional effortful work

0-100km/h acceleration recording at 5s, nitrogen hydraulic shock absorbers, wheel torque of 300N·m, Bosch G10 ABS, Maxxis semi hot melt tires, front-to-rear 50:50 weight ratio… these are the features of the new E200P one, just launched by Ninebot. With its subversive design concept and advanced performance, this product has received much attention.

The design of the E200P one is based on a Controlled Tension language created in collaboration with Boeing’s design organization, which gives the E200P one a soft, calm and elegant visual style. Body lines conform to aerodynamic design, smooth and powerful.

The independently designed frame is light, rigid, shock-absorbing and more balanced, so that the overall riding experience is more comfortable. The fatigue life of the frame reaches more than 1 million times. E200P one creates a 50:50 front-to-rear weight ratio, with the battery chamber designed under the pedal, which helps improve riding stability. The self-developed shock absorbers effectively filter minor vibrations and improve riding stability.

It is equipped with a high-power direct-drive hub motor, with a rated power up to 10kW. With the MoleDrive controller, it can reach a top speed of 140km/h and the 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5s. The dual-battery design increases the maximum cruising range to 200km.

In addition to high appearance level and high performance, there are more considerate intelligent equipment. Through sensors and matching algorithms, it can perceive the surrounding environment. The RideyGo 2.0 intelligent system includes Airlock induction unlocking technology, intelligent tap lock, on-board data bus, riding induction, OTA wireless firmware upgrade, etc. The AHRS realizes abnormal alarm and notice reminder. It also has GPS+Beidou+base station positioning protection.


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Independently developed controller

Since its launch at the end of 2019, the Ninebot E series has been praised for its leading performance in the electric motorcycle field. E200P one achieves even more impressive acceleration and speed performance. The reason for this, of course, is the new controller Moledrive.

Moledrive is a self-developed innovative controller system of Ninebot. The peak power can reach 54kW. In addition, energy recovery efficiency has been increased by 21%, cruising ability increased by 8%, and power consumption decreased by 7.4%.

The excellent controller system allows multiple riding modes: assistance, economy, comfort, sport. It rides flexibly to bring more comfortable city travel experience.

Moledrive’s developer, Lingji Innovations (short for LJI), a technology brand under Ninebot, has a strong R&D foundation and absolute strength advantages. With the vision of “making a better life with innovative technology”, LJI continues to bring innovative technologies into people’s life to create an increasingly happy life.


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Top technology empowers products, ultimate experience leads the industry

Ninebot owns more than 1,000 basic core patented technologies, established the technology threshold on a global scale, and acquired intellectual property rights in North America, Europe and other countries and regions. These technology patents have been fully demonstrated in the Ninebot’s products, bringing more convenience to the users.

In addition, Ninebot’s rigorous attitude is not only reflected in product design, but also in manufacturing and product validation. The new product has undergone 2 million times of driving fatigue and vibration tests and 15,000km endurance road test.

The launch of E200P one Moledrive version contributed an excellent product to the high-end electric motorcycle market. It connects people, vehicle, mobility and life, becoming the center of the Generation Z mobile world. While bringing trendy life experience to users, it will also embrace huge space for development and accelerate the reform of the industry. E200P one will propel Ninebot to become the leading brand in the surging global electric two-wheeler market.


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