The Domestic High-end E-vehicle E5 Test Ride Review

The Domestic High-end E-vehicle E5 Test Ride Review E5 01

July 20, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

The main character today is the ECOOTER E5, which comes from DAYANG which has been famous for traditional fuel motorcycle for many years. It is the current flagship model and one of the most high-end mass-produced electric scooters in China at present.

E5’s body line is simple, with the tone of the future technology style. Its unique appearance is quite impressive.


The Domestic High-end E-vehicle E5 Test Ride Review E5 02


E5 is equipped with keyless startup system, exclusive mobile APP, 6.8-inch IPS screen, tire pressure monitoring, all LED lights, aluminum alloy rear flat fork and standard dual-channel ABS, etc., almost the premium one compared with the same level models.

Double lithium battery parallel system has battery capacity up to 5.4kWh. Using safe fast charging technology, battery can charge to 95% in only 2 hours. The battery can also be taken out to charge. The cruising range of the high-performance version can be up to 200km.

Under the cooperation of the fifth-generation central mounted motor and gear + belt/chain two-stage transmission system, the on-wheel torque exceeds 260N·m. The 0-50km/h acceleration only needs 3.5s, and the 0-80km/h acceleration time is 9.7s, and the top speed is over 103km/h.

Different from the common electric scooter, the two batteries of E5 are placed in the middle of the body, which has the advantage of more concentrated center of gravity, more reasonable front and rear counterweight, and more obvious improvement to the control. And the space under seat shows its practicality.

The tire size is 110/80-14 in the front and 130/70-13 in the rear. Large widened tire is one of the most unique points of E5.


The Domestic High-end E-vehicle E5 Test Ride Review E5 03

Riding experience

E5 is an international model with 820mm seat height. It is relatively high, but the flat and wide seat has more riding space, which makes riders feel more comfortable.

The first impression of riding is that the power output is relatively stable. When the power output is continuously increased, the sense of direct and rapid acceleration is obvious, with almost no delay and no setback.

The stability and grip provided by the wide tires are another highlight of E5, especially on medium to high speeds, uneven roads and curves. The large tires provide more security and are fully sufficient to meet the needs of daily and highly motivated commuting. It is obvious that the E5 is more of a high-spec motorbike with a fun-oriented nature.

Restricted by the test-driving site, the maximum speed is only 89km/h(shown). The acceleration performance in the front segment is obviously more intense, and the overall driving is quite good.

As a traditional motorcycle enterprise for years, DAYANG is capable to practice innovation on E5. From the appearance and shape to body configuration and design of key components, they show a breakthrough different from the mainstream electric scooters. In the field of electric scooter and fuel scooter which are more and more homogenized nowadays, E5 is still promising and worth studying.


The Domestic High-end E-vehicle E5 Test Ride Review E5 08

E5 parameters

Name Performance version High performance version
Dimension:(L*W*H) 1,940*760*1,170mm 1940*760*1170mm
Curb weight 130kg (battery included) 130kg (battery included)
Engine Built-in motor (with decelerating mechanism) Built-in motor (with decelerating mechanism)
Controller ECOOTER High efficiency intelligent controller ECOOTER High efficiency intelligent controller
Maximum power 5,000W 8,000W
Maximum torque 195N·m 265N·m
Maximum speed 80km/h 103km/h
Brake Front and rear disc brake with dual-channel ABS Front and rear disc brake with dual-channel ABS
Battery type Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity 64V30Ah*2 64V42Ah*2
Cruising range ≥150km (two batteries with speed of 30km/h)


≥200km (two batteries with speed of 30km/h)


Seat height  820mm 820mm
Minimum ground clearance 175mm 175mm

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