The First Experience of TEYIN TS150

The First Experience of TEYIN TS150 20211020135904

December 6, 2021
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Senior motorcycle fans will not be unfamiliar with TEYIN motorcycle. It was founded in 2002 with its solid growth for many years, and mainly produces scooters. It is also one of the leading motorcycle enterprises in Taizhou. This time, it brings a new sports scooter-TS150 for the scooter market. This scooter is divided into two versions which are different in instrument, tires and ABS.


The First Experience of TEYIN TS150 20211020135915


TS150 is similar to YAMAHA XMAX in appearance. Despite the imitating factor, the welding seams and painting between the panels are of high quality.

The windshield has high and low two versions which can be refitted later, and the high windshield is adjustable.

The headlight uses tough lines to create a sharp feeling. This bike uses full LED lights and the high and low beams are equipped with lens.

The body side looks very slender and it is actually just fit for two persons. The double-color body makes the whole bike more dynamic.

The bike has a front pedal design which gives legs the more comfortable space for expansion when riding long distance.

It adopts the TFT instrument, common display functions are available. The instrument can shift two UI interfaces automatically according to the ambient brightness.

Storage compartment is on the left of front panel which is convenient for daily use. There are two USB interfaces on the right, which can charge the driving recorders and mobile phones at the same time.

The tank has a bottom design with refueling ports in the middle of the legs and an actual capacity of 11L can provide a range of more than 300km

The cushion feels soft but supportive. The seat bucket is wide enough but not deep to fit only a half-helmet and summer riding clothes.

TS150 adopts alloy hubs at front and rear. The standard version is equipped with Timsun high-grip tires and the high-end version is equipped with Maxxis semi-hot melt tire.

The front and rear brakes are single disc with dual piston calipers. The standard version is equipped with CBS system, while the high-end version uses ABS system.

TS150 adopts a 150cc single cylinder water-cooled engine with the maximum power of 10kW and the maximum torque of 13.5 N·m.


The First Experience of TEYIN TS150 20211020135911

Riding Experience

In a brief test ride of the high-end version, the TS150’s performance is outstanding. The turning of the front is linear without sense of lightness. The front is steady and flexible especially at low speeds. When fast tipping and veering at low speed, the overall bike can get a very positive response without the feeling of dragging. When taking the turning at high speeds, the rear of the scooter leans more toward the ground than the front because of the center of gravity which causes the body to lean forward.

The maximum power of 10kW gives it enough power. The starting process is not weak and enough for urban road use. The acceleration of the latter section is temporarily unknown due to the site.

The brake of TS150 feels linear which is close to the feel of NISSIN calipers on Honda, and the braking force is enough for daily use.

From the details of the body to the performance of the engine and hardware, this scooter can be called a qualified urban scooter. If its reliability becomes popular in the future, TEYIN may become another domestic popular brand. (Source: WeChat: ZIYOUJIXIE)


The First Experience of TEYIN TS150 20211020135941

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