The First Group Standards for Shared Electric Two-wheelers

The First Group Standards for Shared Electric Two-wheelers The First Group Standards for Shared Electric Two wheelers

November 11, 2020
Posted by: chinamotor

A series of standards (draft for comments) for shared electric mopeds, drafted by the China Urban Public Transportation Association, were released recently. The group standards are composed of four specification documents: the General Technical Specifications for Shared Electric Mopeds, the Operation Service Specifications for Shared electric Mopeds,the Technical Specification for Lithium Batteries of Shared Electric Mopeds, and the Construction Specifications for Charging Stations of Electric Mopeds, respectively covering the four aspect of vehicle, operation, battery, and site.

According to the draft group standards, the electric two-wheeler sharing industry is trying to form industry codes of practice through self-pressure. “Barbaric growth” may become a thing of the past.

According to the drafts, the requirements for electric two-wheelers on the market are much higher than before. For example, for vehicle safety test, the shared electric mopeds need to pass fording performance test, water soaking test, steady-state damp heat test, low temperature operation test, and high temperature storage test to ensure that the vehicles can still operate normally in adverse conditions. In the meantime, strict requirements are also put forward for batteries, such as short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage charging protection, overcurrent charging protection, undervoltage discharge protection, etc.

Higher standards mean higher costs and higher requirements for the operation teams. Once the draft standards are officially released and implemented, nearly 100 electric two-wheeler sharing platforms may face the fate of being reshuffled.

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