The Flagship Vehicle Of The Year, LVNENG X6 Pro

The Flagship Vehicle Of The Year, LVNENG X6 Pro The Flagship Vehicle Of The Year LVNENG X6 Pro Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 05

July 28, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – X6 Pro is the flagship model of LVNENG in 2021. It owns a cool appearance design and a number of design patents. X gene headlamp, LED lights are easy to be recognized and the two provide high-quality lighting effect.

One-button start, P-gear automatic parking, USB interface, convenient hook, water cup holder, sports backrest, such configurations are standard. The barrel cover can be opened by remote control, very user-friendly.

X6 Pro M60 version is equipped with 1200W SE smart power motor, with power conversion efficiency up to 92%. Being aided with SCE smart cool three-mode control system, the super car, off-road and leisure modes could be switched with one key. In supercar mode, 0-30km /h acceleration only takes 5 seconds, and 0-60km/h acceleration takes 12 seconds. When switched to off-road mode, the X6 Pro delivers more torque.

It is equipped with a high-performance SE graphene battery, which has a capacity 25% higher than ordinary batteries and a cycle life of 1,000 times. According to the actual test, under full power condition, the accumulated cruising range in leisure mode could be 128 kilometers.

It adopts front and rear double disc brakes. Front wheel 265mm super large disc brake disc with double piston calipers offer not only more dynamic visual effect, but also better braking effect. The best test result of emergency braking at 30km/h-0 is 2.95m.

The bike can be equipped with E-GO vacuum tire with better grip performance, lower roll resistance and more energy saving. And its cruising range with E-GO vacuum tires is 18% higher than that with ordinary tires. Shock absorption adopts hydraulic front fork and rear shock, and it could deal with various bumpy road conditions easily.

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