The Long-Awaited Dayang TIMO Released

The Long-Awaited Dayang TIMO Released Dayang TIMO 3

October 3, 2019
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Recently, the release conference of Dayang TIMO was held in Chongqing. As one of the old motorcycle enterprises in China, Dayang has been focusing on the motorcycle field for many years, and accumulated market reputation with foreign advanced technology. TIMO (DY200-6) is one of the blockbuster models Dayang has crafted in recent years.

For overall appearance, TIMO’s final mass production version has been further improved in terms of assembly process, external parts painting and other details.

The body size is 2,125mm×812mm×1,300mm, and the wheelbase is 1,370mm. TIMO’s body parameters and wheelbase are basically the same as those of the same type of motorcycles, but it has a 775mm low seat height and a 170mm ground clearance, which outclass many similar models.

The Long-Awaited Dayang TIMO Released Dayang TIMO 2The head is compact. The LED headlamp is divided into upper and lower layers, and the top is decorated with an irregular LED lamp belt, providing a good effect at night.

Like most ADVs on the market, TIMO’s front windshield is of a two-section manually adjustable type.

The LED screen instrument gives clear indication of gear position, speed, rev, fuel level and other common data.

A USB charging port is provided on the left side of the meter for the convenience of charging mobile phones and other electronic devices.

The high U-shaped handlebar incites a strong riding desire. A practical emergency double-flash lights control button and an overtaking light button are added to the handlebar. The handlebar cable, clutch wire and brake wire are fixed with special binding tapes.The Long-Awaited Dayang TIMO Released Dayang TIMO 1

The fuel tank has a capacity of 13L, and according to the measurement of long-distance fuel consumption, the cruising range can easily exceed 400km. The oil tank is exquisitely painted, and the rider’s legs lean comfortably against the two sides of the tank, suitable for long time riding.

The wide and thick one-piece seat has a concave front part to increase riding comfort. The seat leather is sewed with red stitch.

The standard stainless steel lengthened rack is a considerate design, and users can choose to add a tail box or directly bind luggage to it. The rack elongates the visual effect of the entire motorcycle to be more harmonious.The Long-Awaited Dayang TIMO Released Dayang TIMO 4

The high-profile edition’s three boxes are the familiar “ADV/GS” aluminum alloy boxes. The tail box has a soft user-friendly backrest to enable better comfort for the passenger.

The shock absorber is provided by Yu’an, a leading brand in China. It adopts the mainstream combination of front inverted type and rear central shocks, and the rear shock absorber can be adjusted with multiple sections. The front mudguard wraps the inner tube of the shock absorber, providing a certain protective effect.

The red caliper on front and rear shock absorbers adds the dynamic visual effect. The ABS edition did not appear at the release ceremony, which is said to be going through test.

The tires are Cheng Shin tires, with the tread design tending for highway riding. The tires — front 110/70-17 and rear 140/70-17 — have gone through dynamic balance tests in the factory.

The front foot pedal is connected to the aluminum alloy guard plate, which features sufficient strength and is not easy to scratch. The rear pedal is also made of aluminum alloy.

The tube exhaust gets a silver shield to make it more delicate.

TIMO is equipped with a water-cooled four-valve, SOHC single-cylinder engine developed by Dayang, with a built-in balance shaft and an international 6-speed transmission. Its actual displacement is 189cc, the maximum power is 12.0kW/8,000rpm, and the maximum torque is 15.8N·m /6,000rpm. It is matched with a YESON EFI system. The engine is quiet with small vibration, and features smooth gear shifting.

TIMO is available in three editions, the basic, anti-fall bar and the luxury editions. The main difference lies in the anti-fall bar and aluminum alloy three boxes, while the rest configuration remains unchanged.


Liu Botao, director and general manager of Luoyang Northern EK Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd. analyzed the trends of motorcycle industry, shared Dayang’s corporate culture, product planning and future “twin-engine” development strategy at the press conference. Mr. Liu mentioned that Dayang has been constantly upgrading and enriching its products, striving to bring better riding experience to every consumer. That is what Dayang has been doing all the time and also the original intention that Dayang sticks to forever. (Source:, WeChat: dayangmotorcycle)

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