The Youth Version Of KPV150 Appeared On The Market

The Youth Version Of KPV150 Appeared On The Market 3

July 14, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

The youth version of LIFAN KPV150 is 1,925mm long, 1,290mm high. Its wheelbase is 1320mm. It adopts integral frame, aluminium alloy rocker arm, alloy diameter-varied handlebar which is light and durable. It is equipped with the NBD150 engine whose measured maximum power is 10.2kw/8,500rpm, maximum toque is 13N·m/5,000rpm and top speed is higher than or equal to 100km/h. The water-cooling technology for small and medium-sized displacement motorcycle engine brings its own built-in radiator which can ensure the engine run for a lone time without heat, no power failure, durable and more wear-resistant.

The youth version of KPV150 is equipped with the automatic start-stop technology which leads the lower urban commuter fuel consumption. It starts noise-free. The pulsed startup is on the verge of breaking out. When the side bracket is lowered, the engine will be out which can avoid misoperation and is safer to use the motorcycle.

The shock absorbing system of the whole motorcycle has been adjusted carefully. The front inverted shock absorption, rear adjustable tilt central shock absorption and the famous all-terrain tires make you drive smoothly and freely whether the road is smooth or rugged.

The fuel tank of the youth version of KPV150 has a capacity of 11 liters and supports a range of 400 km.

The full LED digital dashboard, whether in the daytime or at night, make your cycling data clearly visible. It is equipped USB and 12V power outlet, which can charge other devices in time to solve your worries.

The sports design of the whole motorcycle shows the charm of the line which contains great strength and muscle. It shows inspiration and charm.

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