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Track Spirit-KOVE Motorcycle 2023 Dakar Rally Kove moto 2
January 12, 2023
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In January of each year, a big event will happen in the circle of automobile&motorcycle. That is:the Dakar Rally Competition, which has long been famous. The 2023 Dakar Rally Competition will be held from December 31, 2022 to January 15, 2023. 820 participants and 453 top class vehicles will gather in Saudi Arabia, which will be divided into 1 day qualifying stage and 14 days of official competition.

Track Spirit-KOVE Motorcycle 2023 Dakar Rally

Compare with the other three top competitions, Dakar is incomparably difficult. This is also the longest route since 2014, with a total length of more than 8500 kilometers, including 4704 kilometers of timed sections, and the rest are connecting sections. The barren and uncertain terrain causes drivers and racing vehicles to keep a high degree of attention at all times. Once they relax, they may not be able to finish the race. It was once said by Dakar riders that thousands of kilometers of fierce competition, bad road conditions and weather have left their bodies and minds on the verge of collapse for a long time, even breathing has become a burden.

The spirit of racing is the inevitable trend and natural result of the development of motorcycle industry. Any scientific and technological invention and innovation on the stage of history requires a series of deliberation and improvement on its feasibility and practicality before it can enter the production of civil motorcycles. Racing is a testing field of the motorcycle industry, and many new technology research and development come from the racing field.

Track Spirit-KOVE Motorcycle 2023 Dakar Rally Kove moto

For the first time to participate in the Dakar Rally Competition, the KOVE team has an extraordinary significance: this is the first time that the team is composed of teams and cars from China. With the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers, it has faced unprecedented challenges in the highest level cross-country race with an average completion rate of only 38%. However, this does not represent the temporary intention of the KOVE team. The KOVE team has prepared for this for three years. The 450RALLY competitive version used by the team has gathered a lot of human, material and energy input from the KOVE people. In order to calmly deal with extreme road conditions such as mud, ravines, deserts, riprap, grassland, etc., 450RALLY has always focused on the “core setting of RALLY”, that is, trafficability, durability, maintainability, controllability The five dimensions of power have been continuously designed, improved and perfected.

In terms of trafficability, the 450RALLY competitive version has a sitting height of 960mm, a minimum ground clearance of 310mm, a suspension travel of 305 in the front and 300 in the rear, and a tire specification of 90/90 – 21 in the front and 140/80-18 in the rear; 450RALLY Competitive Edition eliminates the tedious steps of maintenance. The side panel adopts a quick removal design. The cushion switch can be easily handled with one cable. Three bolts can be loosened, and the fuel tank can be quickly replaced. The maintainability has been greatly improved; In terms of durability, forged parts, anti-corrosion treatment, all load-bearing, friction, and parts that may be damaged by external forces use high-strength new materials and strengthening processes; In terms of controllability, 450Rally Sporting Edition continues the lightweight design concept, and uses a large number of new materials such as magnesium alloy, carbon fiber, aviation grade aluminum, with a curb weight of 145 kg, which is light and flexible, and easy to operate; In terms of power performance, the maximum power is 40kw/9500rpm, the maximum torque is 42N · m/7000rpm, and the maximum design speed is km/h: 170. The power output is durable and stable. Then it’s enough to be this Rally Competition!

Track Spirit-KOVE Motorcycle Kove Moto 450 Rally

Racing of the motorcycle is not only tests the mechanical performance, but also competes with the wisdom of the team. The extreme road conditions over a long distance are a severe test for the factory team, testing the drivers’ skills and vehicle performance, and also testing the spirit of motorcycle enterprises, a spirit of daring to be the first and forge ahead. Up to now, the KOVE team has achieved very good results in the race. Next, the KOVE team will continue to work hard to move forward. In the future, the KOVE team will continue to participate in the Dakar Rally Competition, continue to promote the continuous upgrading of the KOVE locomotive in a solid way through the race! Then we will have the most perfect quality and high specification motorcycles to the market for our users.

Track Spirit-KOVE Motorcycle Kove moto 2023 dakar rally

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