The General Trend Of Li-ion And Intelligent Two-Wheeled Vehicles

The General Trend Of Li-ion And Intelligent Two-Wheeled Vehicles The General Trend Of Li ion And Intelligent Two wheeled Vehicles

September 7, 2020
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The General Trend Of Li-ion And Intelligent Two-wheeled Vehicles 

China – At present, the electric two-wheeler market has showed saturation over the past two years, and the strategy of electric bikes going to rural areas is not ideal. The impact of environmental factors has promoted the development of lithium battery and intelligent bikes.

Lithium battery bicycles

The implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycle mainly targets lithium battery models in terms of the requirements on the structure, weight and performance of bicycles. With the change of public perception of lithium battery, the upgrading of public consumption will also boost the development of lithium battery electric two-wheelers.

Lithium battery products now only takes up less than 20% of the total market shares, so the lithium battery two-wheeler has huge development space.

Intelligent electric bicycles

As a means of transportation, e-bikes have a large user group and abundant irreplaceable usage scenarios all over the world. Since 2015, new intelligent electric two-wheelers have begun to rise. Now, electric two-wheelers are no longer just a simple means of transportation, and consumers have more stringent requirements on user experience and performance of the products. The era of intelligent electric bicycles has come. In the face of the emergence of new battery and motor control technology, traditional electric bicycles are unable to meet the market requirements for new products. This requires traditional electric two-wheelers to keep up with the pace of the times, using new concepts and new technologies to develop up-to-date products.

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