Unmissable Five Tailg New Models

Unmissable Five Tailg New Models

October 12, 2019
Posted by: chinamotor

Tailg recently released five new models, each of which is highly praised and absolutely not to be missed.


Tailg’s new product LION has a generous body shape, domineering manner, deep eyes, and muscular lines. The entire vehicle is unique on the market with its wide body design, penetrating daytime running light and bat-wing lens. LION selects 20 core components from the motorcycle supply system, and integrates the gene of the brand-new longer range type, creating the 180km professional smart drive electric motorcycle. LION is equipped with the 3.0 cloud dynamics system, featuring strong explosive power. LION is indeed a powerful beast.Unmissable Five Tailg New Models

Specifications of LION

Battery: 60V35AH

Motor: N1 motor

Controller: 30A-12T

Tire size: 3.0-10 vacuum tire

Brake: front disc and rear drum brakes

Others: LED large screen instrument, five-button anti-theft device, one-button start, electric double support lock, electric saddle lockUnmissable Five Tailg New Models


The fashionable MIU uses Tailg’s 2019 new family design language. After repeated research from design to final shaping, it inherits the concise and round aesthetic gene of Tailg’s Mi family and becomes the most beautiful model on the road. The stylish LED lens headlamp, butterfly-wing side body and other appearance highlights are attractive to many consumers. In addition, MIU carries the cloud control system. A full charge supports a cruising range of 100km. It also features smart one-button start, smart RD key, smart riding computer, smart anti-theft double support lock, adjustable bold shock absorber, and electrical parts. Follow the trend of fashion and be the most brilliant artist with MIU.Unmissable Five Tailg New Models

Specifications of MIU

Battery:  60V22.3AH cloud battery

Motor: G9 moto

Controller: 30A-12T

Tire size: 80/90-10 vacuum tire

Brake: front disc and rear drum brakes

Others: one-button start, electric saddle lock, five-button anti-theft deviceUnmissable Five Tailg New Models


As a new 2019 luxury electric light motorcycle, ZHANJIAN presents a tough image and cool eyes, which fully displays male masculinity. It has distinct body lines and carries Y7S efficient power motor, which improves the conversion efficiency and ensures free running through the city. The 180mm large front disc brake is matched with a soft rear drum brake, achieving short brake distance and high sensitivity. The smart anti-theft double support lock upgrades the anti-theft function to be more convenient and safer.

Specifications of ZHANJIAN

Battery: 72V32AH

Motor:  Y7S motor

Controller:  30A-15T

Tire size: 3.0-10 vacuum tire

Brake: front disc and rear drum brakes

Others: three-button anti-theft device, electric double support lock, mobile phone chargerUnmissable Five Tailg New Models


The 2019 new electric motorcycle KAIYUE is a mid-size sports model combining hard and soft body features. The delicate V-shaped light bar illuminates a farther distance, and the taillight is brighter and more prominent. It is equipped with a 72V20AH battery, and the cruising range can fully meet your needs. The front 180mm large disc brake makes no noise. The smart double support lock can automatically lock the motorcycle so that the rider no longer needs to bend down to lock it. KAIYUE makes riding easier and pleasant.

Specifications of KAIYUE

Battery: 72V20AH

Motor:   C6 motor

Controller:  30A-12T

Tire size: 3.0-10 vacuum tire

Brake: front disc and rear drum brakesUnmissable Five Tailg New Models


As an EV brand that emphasizes “running farther”, Tailg brings us LEDI with superior cruising range. It has a compact body with simple and stylish appearance color blending. The metal basket can bear up to 70kg goods to meet your unlimited loading requirements. It is equipped with a 48V12AH battery and Tailg 2.0 cloud dynamics system. The actually tested cruising range is 76.2km, which is 20km longer than that of many other electric bicycles with the same battery. Hydraulic shock absorbers are used at both the front and back, which effectively reduces vibration from the road, so that the rider can keep in an elegant sate at all times.

Specifications of LEDI

Battery: 48V12AH

Motor: T3S motor

Controller: 17A-6T

Tire size: 2.50-10 vacuum tire

Brake: front and rear: drum brakes

Others: front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers, quality cushion, high-strength metal shopping basket, four-button anti-theft device

Others: electric double support lock, three-button anti-theft device  (Source: WeChat: Tailg-2004)Unmissable Five Tailg New Models

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