YADEA HUANHUAN Series Has Released

YADEA HUANHUAN Series Has Released YADEA HUANHUAN Series Has Released  motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

December 29, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

CHINA – To make the urban riding smarter

YADEA’s mission is to make every new rider in the world of electronics experience smarter products and more convenient services. Through the joint R&D with the most advanced Gogoro Network power change technology, laying out the smarter riding ecosystem and providing the most suitable energy solutions, YADEA will eliminate the sore point of charging difficulties of high-rise urban residents and improve every riding experience. YADEA not only meet today’s needs, but also has far-reaching consideration of the future ahead of schedule. YADEA has worked harder to make urban riding smarter.

Intelligence changes the future

Gogoro CEO Horace Luke said “Through the world’s biggest electric two-wheeler manufacturer YADEA, we can let everyone enjoy the safe and convenient electric service. Gogoro “Switch and Go” will change the way we own and the use of electric two-wheelers. Smarter energy creates a smarter future for all of us.”

YADEA HUANHUAN series, 01 has released

01 let users completely say goodbye to range anxiety, which not only makes travel easy and cool, but also makes the use safety be no longer a sore point.

The new power change mode starts a different riding experience. 01 not only is a traveling tool but also carries life and hope.

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