YADEA Released the TTFAR Third Generation Graphene Battery

YADEA Released the TTFAR Third Generation Graphene Battery YADEA Released The TTFAR Third Generation Graphene Battery motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

November 9, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

CHINA – “Technology leads green travel”, YADEA leading energy technology conference and media open day both have broken through the upgrading technical force and product force, achieved the recognition of nine authoritative media and created a new generation of green technology travel as an industry pioneer.

From creation to iteration, endurance upgrading

YADEA as the creator of graphene lead-acid battery, its sales volume has exceeded 20 million after 4 years of market testing. The graphene lead-acid battery has larger capacity, more electricity and can realize greater mileage.

Running farther in winter without fear of serve cold

YADEA has developed the brand-new hydraulic control cold resistance technology, which improves the cold resistance of the battery in winter and ensures its sustainable discharge in the -20℃-55℃ environment

Three times service life and two years for replacement

The third-generation graphene battery can be recyclable for charging and discharging over 1000 times, has realized three times service life and broken the durability limit. YADEA is the first in the industry to promise a two-year replacement.

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