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December 29, 2022
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Zero Motorcycles is the worldwide leader in full-sized premium electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero Motorcycles combines Silicon Valley technology with traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative riders around the world. Zero has nine different models on three different platforms for use as either street or dual sport motorcycles. Zero also has several models exclusively for the use of fleet and agency operators and that are currently operated by hundreds of local and federal agencies all over the world. Zero was founded in 2006 by a former NASA engineer and its international headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Scotts Valley, CA right outside of the global innovation center of Silicon Valley.

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Zero uses proprietary battery chemistry for its Power Packs that deliver the highest power and energy density of any other batteries in the entire transportation industry as well as being compatible with battery recycling processes. Plus, every battery comes with an unlimited 5-year replacement guarantee which represents another high-water mark for the industry. This is all made possible thanks to the longstanding and fruitful relationship with Zero’s battery suppliers that have been instrumental co-developing the ZF Power Packs for over a decade. Additionally, Zero Motorcycles employs patented technology in their Z-Force® permanent-magnet brushless AC motors that are passively air-cooled, with regenerative deceleration, all of which are created to industry-leading power and durability standards. The hardware that delivers the transformational ride experience of a Zero Motorcycle is top quality and designed to outlast the most ambitious lifespan targets. However, the most compelling element of the Zero Motorcycle powertrain ecosystem is the industry-leading and proprietary operating system that conducts all subsystems; Cypher.

The latest iteration of the Cypher operating system is Cypher III+ and it is exclusively on the company’s top tier models, the SR/F, SR/S, SR, and the all-new DSR/X; the world’s first fully electric adventure sport bike. Cypher III+ is the result of almost two decades of development by the industry’s largest software and firmware powerhouse otherwise known as the Electrical Engineering Department at Zero Motorcycles. Hundreds of millions of on-road miles of data have gone into informing the development of Cypher III+. The end result of this process is a sophisticated firmware that coordinates all of the motorcycles subsystems for a truly unique and transformational ride experience. Furthermore, the speed and intelligence that is inherent in the Cypher operating system was part of the development of various technology applications made specifically for electric motorcycles through long-term partner, Bosch. Through the years of product development, the two companies have collaborated on special technology, safety, and performance developments to be administered through the Zero Motorcycles product line.

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In 2014, Zero Motorcycles was the first electric motorcycle company to offer Bosch ABS standard in all of its models. Additionally, the 2014 model line from Zero was the first-time motorcycles of any variety, gas or electric, had been equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity module that paired with riders’ smartphones. Then, thanks to the Cypher II operating system that was cutting edge at the time, these models also had selectable ride modes that allowed riders to customize their speed, power, and battery regeneration characteristics on the fly- a then unseen feature in all of Powersports. The innovations have continued each year for Zero Motorcycles who also in 2019 released the model year 2020 SR/F, a completely new and revolutionary electric motorcycle. The SR/F was the first motorcycle ever, gas or electric, to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) via a cellular connectivity module (CCM). This technology allowed for the first time a motorcycle to notify its owner of state of charge information, location, tip over incidents, or any one of a number of helpful and revolutionary status updates. The SR/F was also the first electric motorcycle with the full complement of Bosch MCS including straight line and cornering ABS, Drag Torque Control, and Traction Control. And most recently with the launch of the all-new DSR/X, the world’s first fully electric adventure sport bike, Zero Motorcycles introduced the first electric motorcycle with Bosch’s Off-Road traction controls. These machines are capable of effectively doubling the factory pre-loaded and customizable ride modes by creating toggleable Off-Road versions of each. This means there will never be a surface condition that the DSR/X and future Zero Motorcycles cannot expertly handle.

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Currently, Zero Motorcycles operates through a traditional dealer sales distribution model with hundreds of independent dealer locations in over 40 countries and Zero operates and additional European headquarters outside of Amsterdam, NL. Recently, Zero Motorcycles provided over 300 police units to the Indonesian government for use in the first-ever zero emissions security transportation fleet ever deployed for a G20 Summit. Additionally, Zero Motorcycles also announced a partnership for distribution into the Chinese Market with TailG Innovation. TAILG ranks in the top three firms in China for volume and has 7,000 exclusive shops all around the world. These two firms represent a mix of product excellence and market expertise that is assured to deliver premium full-sized electric Zero Motorcycles to in the most advantageous way for discerning riders in the Chinese Market. While this is the most recent new market expansion for Zero Motorcycles, it is reflective of the caliber of the business partners Zero works with.

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