CST AD01 ADV Tire Review

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September 15, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

Motorcycle is a wheeled transportation tool, and it is self-evident that the tires are very important. As the only part that contact to ground during riding, tires influence the performance of the bike directly. During the HAOJUE riding activity that ended a while ago, one of the two DL250s is fitted with CST AD01 all-terrain tires. In terms of appearance, CST AD01 has a recognizable tread with square blocks arranged in a staggered manner. The central area of the tire is designed for a high road ratio, ensuring the stability and durability on the paved road. There are smaller pattern blocks and deep grooves on both sides, focusing on the drainage performance of tires and the ability to discharge sand and gravel on the unpaved roads, which brings better passing ability. In addition, due to the tire shoulder, there is still a large area that could contact to the ground when the bike falls down, which can evenly disperse the ground pressure and has a better controllability.


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This tire is also developed for ADVs and recreational models. Considering the bearing capacity during the long journey, the tire body is strengthened specially and the whole tire is thickened. A better wear resistance and puncture-proof ability can deal with the bad road conditions during the motorcycle traveling. At the same time, the adaptation to various road conditions is also excellent, which not only ensures the comfort and handling on the paved road, but also takes the unpaved road in general motorcycle traveling into consideration.


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In terms of riding experience, when riding with it on urban paved roads, the difference between the two tires is not obvious, and the vibration caused by the chocolate tire block can also be resolved by the comfortable front and rear shock absorption. Only when the bike has a large inclination angle will the two bikes feel a slight difference in stability and limitation. Riding on unpaved gravel road and dirt road, DL250 that equipped with CTS AD01 is more flexible comparing with its original tires. Especially the horizontal groove design, it can reduce the situation of power loss apparently when accelerating and make you feel better road holding. You cannot be worried about the unpaved road during your travel.


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The front tire of AD01 has two sizes including 17-inch and 19-inch, while the width of rear tire is various too. So it is perfectly suitable for DL250, GW250 and lots of models at the same level.

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