Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 1

October 12, 2019
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Day 1

In the scorching summer, the brief but grand opening ceremony of TIMO’s trip to China’s western regions was held at the hometown of Master Monk Xuanzang in Yanshi, Luoyang, where Dayang TIMO officially started its journey to the west.

The planned destination for the first day is Sanmenxia, a ride of less than 200 kilometers. Rider’s experience:TIMO’s clutch felt flexible; the gear position felt clear before starting the motorcycle; inserting the key to start it, the instrument displays adequate information; the engine sounds compact with whistling. After a whole day’s experience, the rider enjoyed the riding process.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 2

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 3

Day 2

On the next day, the distance from Sanmenxia to Xi ‘an was still not far, but it crossed two provinces, Henan and Shanxi.

The riding team went through Sanmenxia in Henan province to Xi’an, passed a memorial archway, and then rode up to Hongqing Mountain. Hongqing Mountain is more than 1,300 meters high, and the mountain road is winding and full of steep slopes, which is a best place to test a motorcycle’s curve-passing ability.

When TIMO went up the mountain, the engine temperature rose, but power loss was not obvious. The rider shifted back and forth among the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears, and used the 1st and 2nd gear on the steepest slope to go up the mountain. Riding down the mountain, the rider needed to control the speed and used the maximum radius through the curves. This mountain road has become the most popular destination of touring for motorcyclists from Xi’an.

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Day 3

The schedule was from Xi’an to Baoji. The surprise on that day was the hundred-mile landscape corridor along the Weihe River, a tourist highway built along the Weihe River that runs more than 100 kilometers from Xi’an to Baoji–a two-lane road only for cars and motorcycles, with the addition of a bikeway by the side. The scenery along this road is really breathtaking.

TIMO had its first change of oil. Riding at 80km/h on the highway, the engine was quiet with smooth vibration.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 8

Day 4 

The team went from Baoji to Tianshui of Gansu province.

A cliffy mountain road appeared: under left cliff runs a surging river, and on the right side stands craggy rocks. Bravely the riding team proceeded onto the scary yet exciting mountain road.

With all kinds of sand and gravel pits along the way, the fastest speed was only 30km/h, and the shock absorption is effective. A light ADV excites you while riding on rough roads.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 9

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 10

Day 5 

The distance from Dingxi service center to where they stayed in Gansu totaled about 100 kilometers. At first, TIMO ran at 80km/h on the highway, and then slowly accelerated to 90km/h. Most of the time, it kept cruising at 90-100km/h, with engine running at 6,000-7,000rpm. The top speed reached 108km/h (as the meter indicated).

TIMO was not fast enough to overtake cars on the highway but trucks with ease.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 11

Day 6 

The fastest route from Tianshui to Lanzhou was the Lian-Huo highway, and the two motorcycles were ridden onto it to save time.

This time, TIMO ran a top speed of 118km/h, and its performance was remarkable. First, when rev reached the red zone, the engine vibration was relatively obvious, and the sound of exhaust pipe became sharp, which was due to the limit of displacement. Second, the three boxes with luggage increased the weight as well as stability of the motorcycle. TIMO can rival a car on the highway, though taking a little longer time to overtake it. It can quickly overtake a truck on an upward slope.

TIMO has moderate windshield performance: the rider’s face can be shielded if he leans forward a little. The most reliable quality is the motorcycle’s balance that demonstrates excellent linear performance on flat straight road.

The engine still generates plenty of power at high altitudes. After nearly 2,000 kilometers from the factory, TIMO was extremely tough on the mountain roads, gravel roads, grass, and slippery roads.

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Day 7

The team has covered half of the journey to the west, which means they were getting closer and closer to the destination, Dunhuang.

They did not arrive at Zhangye as planned because of the rain. Starting from Yongchang, they stopped at Jiayuguan.

TIMO cruised at a speed of 100 to 110km/h on the Lian-Huo highway. 200 kilometers of continuous riding exhausted the rider but not the motorcycle. The water-cooled system circulated normally to ensure normal working of engine.

This is an atypical motorcycle tour. There were riders riding the motorcycles and logistic cars following to provide necessary support. In this way, the trip became more comfortable.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 14
Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 15

From Guazhou to Dunhuang, choosing the national highway was absolutely the right choice for motorcycle travel. With gobi on the right side, the rider could not see the road in the distance, so they needed to focus on figuring out the right direction, which gave a quite different riding experience from that on a common highway.

The tour was coming to an end soon. People from the factory visited customers, monitored product quality, and inspected the market all the way. Every time they stopped, they talked to people passing by and listened to their opinions.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 16Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 17

Day 9 

After running for more than 2,700km and 9 days, the riding team finally reached Dunhuang.

Dayang TIMO’s Trip To China’s Western Regions 18
To conclude

More than 2,700 kilometers in 9 days of travel should be a precious experience for TIMO.

TIMO performed satisfactorily in terms of power, handling, shock absorption and other aspects, with clear gear positions, no broken parts or loose screws.

Although it is a 200cc motorcycle, the strength and stiffness of the frame are completely improved compared with those of 125cc and 150cc models when the speed exceeds 100km/h, ensuring the stability of the motorcycle at high speeds.

(Source: WeChat: dayangmotorcycle)

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