Fast-Growing Electric Motorcycles Are Catching Up With Fuel Models

Fast-Growing Electric Motorcycles Are Catching Up With Fuel Models

October 14, 2019
Posted by: chinamotor

More and more consumers turn to choose electric scooters.

In recent years, as many cities vigorously promote green mobility, many motorcycle consumers turn to choose more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, and large electric motorcycles become especially popular in many areas. They are powerful and have similar body design as scooters, except for unsatisfactory cruising range that bothers the consumers. This kind of electric motorcycle is completely comparable to fuel scooters in function.

Fast-Growing Electric Motorcycles Are Catching Up With Fuel ModelsAlthough the implementation of the new national standard in the first half of the year led to a sharp decline in the sales of electric vehicles, the proportion of electric motorcycles in the entire two-wheeled motorcycle industry has showed a significant upward trend.

According to the data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to June, the production and sales of electric motorcycles were 472,800 units and 461,700 units respectively, accounting for 26% of the total number of scooters. The output of fuel scooters was about 1,355,500 units, down by 18.13% year-on-year. The proportion of scooters in the motorcycle industry increased by 2.86 percentage points. Apparently, more and more users are choosing electric motorcycles.

Fast-Growing Electric Motorcycles Are Catching Up With Fuel ModelsElectric motorcycles have obvious advantages in handling convenience and price.

In many cities, fuel-powered scooters are banned from the roads, but electric scooters are not restricted, which gives consumers who value both performance and power a good choice. With the increasing urban commuting demands and the development of express and delivery industries, electric motorcycles have great development potential.

Compared with traditional fuel standard motorcycles, electric motorcycles are easier to control, besides its price advantage.

In addition, electric motorcycles also bring fantastic riding. Many young people choose electric motorcycles precisely because they see their great potential of modification and playability. Some internet electric motorcycle brands have become especially popular in some first-tier cities — electric motorcycles are the first choice for young people for commuting.

Fast-Growing Electric Motorcycles Are Catching Up With Fuel ModelsTraditional e-bike enterprises enter the electric motorcycle field.

Traditional e-bike enterprises have seen the development potential of electric motorcycle and begun to produce electric motorcycles.

According to statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, electric motorcycles have entered a fast-growing period in 2019. From January to June, the production and sales volume of electric motorcycles reached about 815,700 units, which multiplied that of 2018. By June this year, totally 13 e-bike enterprises have set up new electric motorcycle enterprises, with more than 1,000 new products brought out, while the number of new motorcycles was less than 200 units in 2018.

Electric motorcycles are expected soon to outnumber fuel motorcycles on the market.

Although fuel motorcycles now have an edge over electric ones in terms of convenience, cruising range, security and stability, electric motorcycles are expected to occupy a larger proportion in two-wheeled motorcycles and outnumber fuel models on the market with the requirements of global environmental protection, guidance of relevant national policies, and maturity of battery technology.. (Source: WeChat: eqblab)

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