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October 12, 2019
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In the past, many motorcycle designs were constrained by production technology and forced to remove many design elements, but it did not happen on LYNX model. Market research→ effect drawing design →clay model making →final shaping, design modification  had been processed repeatedly in Guangzhou manufacturing center and Shanghai R&D base with many times of practice and exploration by proactive engineers and designers. a number of manufacturing process problems have been solved. designers had been fully free to pursuit details so that this new model has richer, more complex line, surface structure, and its visual sense has been sublimated.

HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 2LYNX is a brand-new R&D vehicle for the global market. Its appearance, frame, aluminium wheel, power, lamps and other key parts are all completely new designed. The new design and technology upgrade rate of the whole spare parts is more than 85% , which makes LYNX a genuine and thorough new generation vehicle, and achieves a dazzling change from the past. LYNX is cool, different from the past driving fun, different from the previous configuration. all-round improvements provide users driving comfort, controllability and safety.

Lynx has a brand-new  appearance and strong power. It really achieves the external moving and internal moving.

  • Headlamp combination: bionics headlamp, DART-type front steering lamp, sharp eyes, high recognition, full of scientific and technological sense; headlamp adopts fully sealed headlamp; glass is made of Mitsubishi new PC material, which is impact-resistant and not easy to break.
  • Vehicle Modeling: the whole vehicle modeling is coherent from front to back. smooth and plump body lines and surfaces, with fashionable and dynamic decals are as well as full of racing gene.
  • Widescreen panel: adopting down-pressing and forward-looking design, with the “carving + mosaic” shape, exquisite and dynamic. tension arises spontaneously. HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 3HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 4
  • Enlarged side windshield: double-layer structure, wind tunnel principle design. It has not only diversion and drag reduction but also mud and wind protection. It is beautiful  and durable.
  • Instrument: LED backlight, light-emitting pointer, 27-degree angle of view design of dial,  providing clear driving information.
  • Magnetic password lock: the interlocking rate is as low as 1/16000, which is 16 times that the ordinary car has and more seucrity.
  • Bold intermediate shelves: using thickened steel  (shelf of LYNX: 9mm; ordinary shelf: 7mm), bearing capacity is better.
  • Large capacity tank:  LYNX’s fuel tank volume is 5.1L, the endurance mileage greatly increased; tank plate thickness is increased by 20% (LYNX’s tank plate thickness:1.0mm; ordinary tank plate thickness: 0.8mm), durable.
  • Muffler: black high temperature resistant paint cylinder, chrome-plated anti-scalding board, both fashionable and high-grade.
  • Lengthened balance block: effectively reducing hand vibration.
  • Seat cushion: thick and high rebound sponge material, durable, non-deformable.
  • Braking system: front disc brake adopts 220mm large diameter disc brake, with widened deep tread tire; short braking distance  is safe and reliable.
  • Front and rear pedals: using high-grade rubber and plastic.
  • Adjustable rear shock absorber: it can be adjusted in 5 gears to better meet all kinds of use needs.
  • Strengthened frame: the main girder pipe is 2.5mm thick/48*60 square pipe, excellent impact resistance.
  • Full-wrapped chain box: increased thickness (0.8mm), high strength, no deformation. HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 6HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 7HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 8

Brand-new CT110 engine can be described as ingenious work, leading technology in an all-round way!

In order to ensure Lynx has a strong “heart” of power, Haojin set up a power expert group to develop the CT110 engine. Haojin technical engineers refused shortcuts. 498 parts were designed and developed. There were more than 30,000 durability tests of starting mechanism, more than 600 hours of bench durability tests and all rigorous tests. Testing is based on the highest standards of boldness, which provides full protection of power performance and reliable quality. HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 9HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 10HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 11

  • Wet electric starting mechanism: more silent, longer service life.
  • Piston oil injection cooling.
  • Heat radiation optimized.
  • Chain tensioning rod oil storage structure: more stable work and smaller chain sound.
  • Shift control: preventing the 4th gear from changing to the 1st gear, much safer.
  • Automatic double clutch: smoother and more convenient. HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 12HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 13
  • Lightened piston and crank shaft: less unbalanced force and vibration.
  • Chrome-plating needle bearing  strengthened.
  • Needle bearing enlarged. HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 14HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 15HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 16

Powerful,Low Fuel Consumption

  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h: 8.11”
  • The maximum angle:15°
  • The maximum speed: 89.7km/h
  • Fuel consumption(WMTC) :1.9 L/100km HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 17HAOJIN HJ110-16 HAOJIN HJ110 16 18

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