Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut

Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut  electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 3
CHINAMOTOR, E-motorcycle, Luyuan Inno9
July 7, 2022
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On May 28, Luyuan held a press conference in Jinhua, Zhejiang. As the grand finale of this conference, the Inno9, the latest flagship model of Luyuan Inno series, was released.

As the most representative product of the new national standard in the industry, Luyuan’s Inno series have been selling well all over the country with the advantages of good  appearance, high level of intelligence and reliable quality. The release of the Inno9 has pulled the appearance level of the Inno series to a new high.

As a top-class flagship model, Inno9’s appearance is nothing but a plus. While the real core competitiveness is the high quality of “riding for 10 years”.

The release conference demonstrated Luyuan’s quality revolution that elevates electric two-wheelers from “consumables” to “durable goods”. Inno9 is the epitome of Luyuan’s product independence and high-quality industrial manufacturing.

Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut  electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR03
CHINAMOTOR, E-motorcycle, Luyuan Inno9

In terms of appearance, the independent design of geometric aesthetics, car-grade painting process and classic color scheme bring exquisite and colorful visual experience to Inno9. With Luyuan’s exquisite manufacturing technology, inno9 will maintain a high level of appearance for a long time.

In terms of battery life, Inno9 is equipped with Luyuan’s exclusive liquid-cooled motor and 48V26Ah/48V30Ah lithium battery, easily reaching a range of 100 kilometers, representing the ceiling of new national standard models.

 Inno9 boasts the high quality advantage of “riding for 10 years”, and the standard test values of 22 core components such as frame, shock absorber, motor and controller are far higher than the average level of the industry. The warranty of the core components is 3-10 times of the industry average, and four core components are guaranteed for 10 years.

Regarding riding experience, Inno9 is equipped with Luyuan smart APP. Besides the common intelligent functions such as non-inductive unlocking and vehicle positioning, Inno9 has intelligent functions such as vehicle networking and seat sensing to make the riding safer and more convenient.

Luyuan Inno9 sets up a strong differentiation barrier in appearance, range, performance and intelligence. In the electric two-wheeler market, it is undoubtedly the industry-leading level. We believe that it will achieve remarkable sales with its unique advantages.

Before this press conference, Inno9 had appeared frequently in the popular TV show Back to Field as Luyuan became a sponsor brand of the show. With the traffic effect brought by many stars and the high appearance level of the product itself, Inno9 gained numerous followers, especially young people.

Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut Luyuan Inno9 Global Debut  electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR02 1
CHINAMOTOR, E-motorcycle, Luyuan Inno9

Top TV show promotion + star effect + hardcore product, Luyuan had boosted the momentum of Inno9 before the press conference. Therefore, more than 30,000 units were sold during the debut, with the order amount exceeding 170 million yuan, breaking the industry’s new product pre-sale record. With good appearance, high quality and high intelligence, Inno9 has set off a phenomenal hot selling storm of a single product debut.


Inno9 not only represents Luyuan’s high degree of independent development, but also highlights Luyuan’s initial intention of leading the transformation of electric two-wheelers. It is the most representative and significant flagship single product in the industry this year. We expect inno9 to become a sales star in the market.

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