Newly Upgraded EXPLORER TR300T 2022 Version Has Debuted

Newly Upgraded EXPLORER TR300T 2022 Version Has Debuted 20211104154610

November 18, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

CHINA – TARO EXPLORER TR300T 2022 version has newly upgraded which brings stabler and more excellent riding experience.

The styling of the 2022 version is strong and smooth, hard and full with a strong sense of speed and fashion. Bright crystal lamps with tough and sharp contour lines are like the eyes of a hawk. Combined with the panel bright color ornament on the lower part, it forms the personality smart style which is eye-catching.

The windshield has been upgraded to defend chill wind, reduce turbulence and wind noise effectively, increase riding comfort and stability and be with easy installation and disassembly.

The handlebar adopts the heating band with high electric heating conversion rate to realize fast heating and low consumption. The blue backlit buttons has high recognition and been full sense of technology.

The 2022 version adopts the intelligent lock which has advanced encryption function, anti-thief and secure. The bike carries induction unlock which is easy to start and brings you cooler experience.

The rearview mirror has been widened which makes your riding vision wider, and riding safety can be guaranteed.

The improved low-seat riding can effectively reduce the bike center of gravity and ensure riding safety. The backrest has been heightened which makes the long-distance riding comfortable and can protect the waist.

The shock absorber has been upgraded to Yu’an shock absorber. After professional careful adjustment, the whole bike is given better damping curve and sports comfort which can improve control texture.

The details of 2022 version engine hanger have been optimized to reduce vibration and improve the riding quality. The engine changes to use carbon fiber oil pump gear which has higher temperature resistance and durability. The bike’s waterway circulation is optimized and the heat dissipation performance is better.

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