NIU Released New E-motorcycle SQi

NIU Released New E-motorcycle SQi NIU Released New E motorcycle SQi electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 06
August 18, 2022
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On August 2, NIU, a provider of intelligent travel solutions, officially released SQi a full-scenario cross-border functional model. The new model is retro and fashionable.The frame and wheel hubs are made of aviation-grade magnesium alloy with lightweight design.

Li Yan, CEO of Niu Technologies, says,” Niu has its own characteristic. Consumption stimulates personalized and diversified needs, which may decide the appearance of new products. It is important to insist on originality, innovation and pursuit. Niu sticks to make products with unique value. New travel mode is for better urban life .”

Magnesium alloy frame with lightweight and low-carbon design

NIU Released New E-motorcycle SQi NIU Released New E motorcycle SQi electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 08

It is reported that as a futuristic product, Niu SQi has broken through the design boundaries of the new national standard, and interpreted functional characteristics through new design and innovation in materials. Niu SQi adopts the aviation-grade magnesium alloys which is 75% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum alloys with better shock resistance. Different from the traditional tube frame model, Niu SQi adopts a die-casting magnesium alloy frame. SQi is screwed without solder joints and the frame is hollow-carved. There are cross-dimensional designs for lightweight body, including suspended headlights, hollow-carved rear forks, and suspended air intake grilles,etc. The body matching colors are black gold, black orange and black green, which integrate aesthetics and functionality.

In addition, Niu Technologies has been committed to providing global users with environmentally friendly intelligent city travel tools. SQi made of the aviation-grade magnesium alloy material has a lower melting point than traditional materials, which can significantly reduce the carbon emissions in the process of vehicle production and manufacturing, and also lead the new trend of green travel.

Straddle type

Niu Technologies has always led the industry since the launch of the intelligent lithium battery revolution for two-wheeled electric vehicles in 2015. Niu SQi is bringing the industry and users a new experience with design language and straddle type. Niu SQi’s riding performance in various scenarios is remarkable with integration of racing and sports.

NIU Released New E-motorcycle SQi NIU Released New E motorcycle SQi electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 025

Niu SQi adopts the Ruidian’s AI power lithium battery system technology, and it only takes 5 hours to charge from 0-100% at the fastest, which basically realizes the maximum efficiency in  terms of battery life, power,etc. Equipped with the newly developed magnesium alloy wheel motor and the FOC vector controller, Niu SQi accelerates more stably and smoothly. The double disc brakes of 220mm in the front and that of 180mm in the rear can effectively shorten the braking distance in the different road conditions. The magnesium alloy lightweight body keep the vehicle stable. The unique suspended front guard is connected to the air intake grille, which can effectively block debris such as sand and dust, and can also help SQi dissipate heat. Niu SQi  bring an excellent handling experience because of The 17-inch large-diameter magnesium alloy wheels, mid-mounted shock absorbers, and ultra-light unsprung mass.

Niu SQi is equipped with the riding triangle based on ergonomic design so that users can form the most suitable riding posture according to their feeling and habits, which reduces the wind resistance and make users more comfortable.

Siri intelligent voice control

In addition to breakthroughs in appearance and manipulation, Niu SQi has also been improved in intelligence to meet users’ travel needs in all scenarios. The intelligent interconnection of vehicle and phone can realize the intelligent voice control. The iphone users can control the vehicle through Siri. The multi-dimensional interconnected scenarios can be switched with mobile apps, WeChat mini-programs, Bluetooth, and NFC cards.

NIU Released New E-motorcycle SQi NIU Released New E motorcycle SQi electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 03

Thanks to the new V37N Cloud ECU central controller, Niu SQi can fully optimize the information collection and algorithms, and efficiently integrates vehicle IoT and riding data. In terms of vehicle intelligent security, Niu SQi adopts BDS, GPS, and GLONASS three-mode satellite positioning. The vehicle is located at any time. and there is the vehicle movement alarm. The intelligent central control chip monitors and analyzes the vehicle 200 times per minute. Users can easily obtain various data through the mobile APP, and instantly understand the vehicle status. Niu SQi also has OTA upgrade 2.0, which can automatically downloads and upgrades vehicle firmware remotely. In addition, SQi has the function of OkGo including the SmartKey , electronic lock and temple induction function.

Niu Technologies has also cooperated with Razer to jointly create a limited-edition NIU x RAZER SQi model for those players who constantly surpass themselves and are maverick.

As the straddle-style e-bike brand with particular quality control, Niu Technologies will once again awaken the industry’s innovative consciousness with the release of the full-scene cross-border functional SQi.

NIU Released New E-motorcycle SQi NIU Released New E motorcycle SQi electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 07

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