Sunra X-CR Has An Intriguing Barrel Body

Sunra X CR Has An Intriguing Barrel Body 1

October 12, 2019
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If the year 2000, when the electric vehicle was first produced in large batches in China, is counted as the first year of the development of electric vehicle, the electric vehicle in China has so far developed for nearly 20 years. However, in the past 20 years, both the e-bikes or electric motorcycles have not changed much in terms of their appearance and practical functions.
With the rise of electric vehicles around the world, more and more foreign vehicle manufacturers got involved in the electric vehicle field. Domestic manufacturers saw the diversity and innovation of overseas electric two-wheelers. Recently, the famous domestic manufacturer Sunra has broken through the traditional imprisonment on the exterior design and developed X-CR with distinctively eye-catching barrel body.Sunra X CR Has An Intriguing Barrel Body 2
Sunra was inspired by the flying shell to design this body shape. The unique barrel design, with diverse individualized module accessories, breaks the stereotype about electric vehicles.
Sunra X-CR has an aluminum body to minimize the overall weight while ensuring a sufficient load on the vehicle. Meanwhile, X-CR is equipped with 4.5kg 48V15A and 48V20A lithium batteries, which loses 2/3 of the weight of lead batteries with the same capacity. The light body and battery, together with the high-quality disc brake system contribute to X-CR’s better cruising capability, better braking effect, and better handling experience.Sunra X CR Has An Intriguing Barrel Body 3
The lithium battery carries an intelligent lithium battery management system (BMS), which monitors and manages the battery all day long and guarantees the performance of the battery system, greatly improving the safety, durability and power performance of lithium battery.
In addition, X-CR features a unique lighting design. The round headlamp, side atmosphere lamp and tail light coordinate with each other to provide 360° of illumination.Sunra X CR Has An Intriguing Barrel Body 4
Sunra also developed a WeChat IOT program for X-CR to be your exclusive riding assistant, so that you can get to know the real-time status of your vehicle. The functions, such as start through mobile phone, battery information check, riding route and mileage, remote positioning, intelligent security, and remote customer service, bring you better interactive experience.Sunra X-CR currently has three colors available: matte metal red, glossy black and balsam white.

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