SYM Kylin Scooter KRN Road Test Version Exposed

SYM Kylin Scooter KRN Road Test Version Exposed 微信图片 20210828102349

September 3, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – New member of SYM Spirit Animal series: Kylin scooter has not been released since its debut. Recently, its road test version has appeared in Taiwan, China.

In terms of appearance, the biggest feature of this scooter is that it is highly recognizable, which is completely different from traditional scooters. It has adopted the unusual exposed steel pipe structure, such as handlebars, brackets, guard bars, handrails and other parts, wild and tough.

In terms of power, this scooter carries the single cylinder air-cooled 125cc engine which makes the whole bike look a bit low-key.


SYM Kylin Scooter KRN Road Test Version Exposed 微信图片 20210828102402


In terms of configuration, the bike has been equipped with inverted front shock absorber, double rear shock absorbers, aluminum alloy rear rocker arm, front and rear disc brakes, standard ABS system, LCD instrument, front fuel tank, wide seats and so on. Generally speaking, the configuration is good.

SYM Spirit Animal series include FNX ‘Phoenix’, DRG ‘Dragon’, KRN ‘Kylin’. The first two models has been launched in Taiwan China and arranged local production in Xiamen, then KRN ‘Kylin’ is also likely to be introduced into the Chinese mainland after being released.

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