Summary of 2023-2024 Chinese 450cc Motorcycles

Summary of 2023-2024 Chinese 450cc Motorcycles 450SR S chinese motorcycle news MGEA CHINAMOTOR

July 10, 2023
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In recent years, the domestic motorcycle market in China has experienced rapid development. The growth of medium-displacement motorcycles has been particularly remarkable. This year, it seems that the leading motorcycle brands in China have set their sights on 450cc motorcycles and have introduced several models in this category. Let’s take a look at what models are available.


As things stand, the CFMOTO 450SR is already a peach of a sportbike. However, given CFMOTO’s aggressive expansion, it’s gone right ahead and given the bike an update in the form of the 450SR S. Right off the bat, the most notable update to the sportbike comes in the form of a single-sided swingarm –a feature that was present in the SR-C21 concept, but was eventually shelved for the production model. Thanks to the new feature, the bike looks even more aggressive, exposing the aggressive styling of the alloy wheels.

As well as the new swingarm, the SR-S gains a larger 240mm rear disc, up from 220mm, and features traction control as standard. Automatic headlights and a new instrument panel with a phone mirroring setup are also fitted, as well as a new, adjustable rear shock.

In China, it’s priced at 33,580 Yuan, translating to about $4,671 USD.Launched initially in China, the updated 450SR S is expected to make its way to neighboring Asian markets, European and American market soon.

Summary of 2023-2024 Chinese 450cc Motorcycles 450SR S chinese motorcycle news MGEA CHINAMOTOR 2



The CFMOTO 450NK, showcased in May at MOTOR CHINA, is a street variant based on the RR model, 450SR. Aesthetically, it follows the design footsteps of the 800NK, incorporating the same headlight design. The V-shaped LED daytime running lights and the lens-equipped headlights exude an aggressive demeanor. The taillight inherits the classic design from the SR series, including the hollowed-out style on both sides of the tail, creating a harmonious aesthetic appeal.

CFMOTO 450NK Unveiled in May at MOTOR CHINA, Yet to Announce Its Price

CFMOTO 450NK Has Launched in the Chinese Market with an Official Price of 27,880 RMB.



CFMOTO’s new 450cc retro motorcycle, the 450CL-C, made its debut at this year’s Motor China in May. Alongside it, a single-seat 450CL-C Bobber version, officially modified, was also unveiled.

The Highly Anticipated Bobber Motorcycle: CFMOTO 450CL-C


In May, at MOTOR CHINA, BENDA unveiled two 450cc motorcycles, the Chinchilla450 and the Napoleon450. The Chinchilla450 is priced at ¥26,900 for the Chinese market, while the price for the Napoleon450 remains under wraps, expected to be announced in September at the CIMAMotor show.

BENDA Chinchilla450

BENDA Chinchilla450


BENDA Napoleon450

BENDA Napoleon450 Bobber



Ever since the announcement of the KOVE 450RR pricing in May at Motor China KOVE, the attention this motorcycle has garnered in the Chinese market has soared exponentially. As the first domestically-produced sport bike to be equipped with a self-developed four-cylinder engine, it has stolen the hearts of countless bike enthusiasts in China with its exceptional cost-performance ratio, priced at a standard 35,800 yuan and 39,800 yuan for the performance model. The allure of experiencing the charm of a four-cylinder for less than 40,000 yuan, places the KOVE 450RR in a dominant position amongst domestic competitors of the same class.

KOVE 450RR: The Rising Star of Cost-Performance Ratio


The above is a summary of the 2023-2024 new 450cc motorcycles in China. If you were a buyer, which brand and model do you think would be more popular among consumers in your country, and why? If you were a motorcycle enthusiast looking to buy a 450cc motorcycle, what would your choice be? Feel free to leave a comment for discussion.

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