SYM Husky ADV150 Review

SYM Husky ADV150 Review SYM Husky ADV150 Review motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR
July 8, 2022
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Husky ADV Configurations

SYM Husky ADV150 Review SYM Husky ADV150 Review motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 08

ADV style scooters are hot these days. The 150cc and above scooters are very competitive on the market. This year, SYM launched the first ADV scooter the Husky 150, with a lovely appearance matched with the cute name.

The Husky ADV’s 15.2-liter tank exceeds many 250cc/300cc big scooters and is close to that of most middleweight motorcycles, and this 150 scooter has a fuel consumption of 2.56L/100km in combined road conditions (including cruising and non-pavement driving). So if you’re going to empty the tank at normal cruising speeds, it can run more than 600km. As SYM’s flagship scooter this year, long range is just one of the Husky ADV’s features.

Overall, the Husky ADV is not as cute as its name suggests. It looks rather angular with layered panels that elevate the design to a new level. High-brightness dual LED headlights work better at night. The hammer-shaped taillight, combined with the Husky ADV upturned rear part, provides a three-dimensional visual effect. The only thing needs to be improved is the turn lights. The turn lights are hardwired to the body, which can easily break when backing up.

We can see that designers have added more creativity to the details, such as the anti-slip lines added to the inside of the peg, and modular geometric surfaces. The head is equipped with a small windscreen, which is not adjustable and the windscreen effect is not obvious.

Husky ADV comes with a 5-inch TFT LCD meter that displays comprehensive information, including speed, fuel, voltage, time and water temperature and rev, and there are three modes. Husky ADV’s meter is also integrated with a day-and-night backlight switching function, and can connect with the mobile phone APP via Bluetooth to provide simple route direction hints during driving. This eliminates the need for a phone stand and the need to worry about damaging the phone camera. The APP also allows you to locate your vehicle and check your the trajectory.

In addition to the smart meter, keyless start brings greater convenience. The key can automatically sense it when approaching the vehicle, and the key also integrates seat lock and fuel cap switch. There is also a QC3.0 USB fast charging port.


SYM Husky ADV150 Review SYM Husky ADV150 Review motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 06

Although the Husky ADV has a relatively high seat height of 800mm, due to the narrowed front of the seat, the rider can slightly lean forward to achieve a more comfortable and relaxed riding posture. It has integral exposed handlebars, and the Husky ADV handlebars are significantly higher than the typical 150 scooters for urban commuters, with a width of 780mm and a large steering radius. The higher and wider handlebar design improves the flexibility on unpaved roads.

Although there is a large fuel tank, the pedal space is still enough. For long-distance riding, because there are front pegs, the riding is still comfortable. But the pegs are at a slightly higher position, which may be not so friendly to shorter riders.

The Husky ADV is equipped with a water-cooled four-valve engine same as the DRG 150, with a maximum output power of 10.8kW at 7500rpm and a maximum torque of 14.5N·m at 6000rpm.

Husky ADV is also equipped with SYM’s 3-zero technology. The zero-delay start, zero-noise and pollution idle system, in short, is quiet start. Thus Husky ADV has the idle start-and-stop function, which can be turned off via the switch on the right handlebar. Idle start and stop reaction is fast, feeling as good as that of PCX and NMAX and other Japanese models of the same level.


One of Husky ADV’s valuable features is the TCS, which controls power output to keep the vehicle stable when it detects a big difference in front and rear wheel speed. Some people will think that TCS is of little significance for small displacement motorcycles, but in fact, it is still helpful, especially to beginners.

The TCS was triggered during the test ride when the rear wheel slid slightly amid the rain. Without deliberately controlling the throttle, the power output began to decline, the vehicle body was quickly straightened, and the rear wheel regained grip.

Now let’s talk about the actual driving experience. The engine feels no different from the DRG150. The rev rises very fast, but the output focus is still at the mid-high range. It is easy to run at 0-80km/h in the city, and the top speed can go up to 120km/h. The Husky ADV has a curb weight of 150kg, which is more than the DRG150’s 135kg. With a full tank, the 0-100km/h acceleration is 2-3s slower than the DRG150.

SYM Husky ADV150 Review SYM Husky ADV150 Review motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 12

I thought that such a large fuel tank would definitely affect the handling, but in fact, it is not as obvious as I expected. It still has the flexibility of a150cc scooter, no matter turning around or turning in a small radius, although may be not as good as the DRG150. However, Husky ADV is a crossover scooter, and it doesn’t have to be that extreme. It is already better equipped than its peer rivals.

What are the innate conditions of this scooter? It is the suspension tuning. SYM directly transferred the entire rear suspension system of DRG with strong sports properties to Husky ADV, including the very beautiful single rocker arm and aluminum alloy wheels, as well as the zero-lean back suspension technology of Sanyang. In road riding, this robust horizontal side suspension has excellent high-speed cornering performance. But it also brings a problem, that is, it is not so comfortable on non-paved roads. It has front one-way double-piston calipers, front and rear ABS. The front shock absorber adjustment is more comfortable, filtering out most road bumps.

Moreover, since it is crossover scooter, we want to talk about it on non-paved roads. It can run mild non-pavement surfaces, but the 117mm ground clearance is not enough to deal with deep potholes. And the long wheelbase also affects its off-road performance.

Husky ADV’s front storage space can hold two 380ml or one 550ml mineral water bottle(s). The under-seat space can hold a 3/4-face helmet.

The Husky ADV’s frame is similar to the DRG150 flat scooter. But there is no need to worry about the strength of the frame. The steel tubes are bold enough to support daily medium-low speed driving.

SYM Husky ADV150 Review SYM Husky ADV150 Review motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 11


Husky ADV is positioned a crossover scooter, but it’s more of an urban commuting scooter. In general, the comfortable sitting position and long wheelbase setting are suitable for long-distance riding.The Husky’s cruising ability and the price of 23,800 make it very competitive in the market.


  • Large fuel tank delivers long range
  • Unique attractive appearance design
  • Safety configurationssuch as TCS and ABS
  • Unique suspension setting brings good road handling
  • Multi-purpose tires can go on no-paved roads


  • Ground clearance is not enough
  • Under-seat space is not enough
  • Turn signals of hard connectionare easy to break when backing up
SYM Husky ADV150 Review SYM Husky ADV150 Review motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 05



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