Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020

Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 01

March 1, 2021
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The COVID-19 epidemic ravaged the world in 2020, which changed the way of mobility. Two-wheelers became the choice of more people. We’re going to take a look at the top 10 motorcycles on MEGA CHINAMOTOR’s website that attracted most attention of domestic and overseas consumers in 2020.




Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 01

The drafting of this bike is inspired by the ancient flying aliens and is designed according to the biological elements of the alien warrior.

Engine and steel trellis frame

The whole vehicle adopts new high-strength steel trellis frame.

The high performance DOHC300 water-cooled four-valve engine has strong power and low vibration. With the Bosch intelligent electric injection system power, this engine has more linear output, and is more stable at high speed.

Refractive LED tail light

Multilevel refractive light control technology is adopted in tail lights, which makes the LED light source clear as well as reducing the dazzling effect.

Intelligent digital LCD meter

The full LCD digital display is clear to display the real-time vehicle speed and fuel consumption.

5 in 1 LED headlight

In order to increase the area of light exposure, the innovative five-piece LED lighting technology has been used on the vehicle’s headlight. The five light beads of high brightness up to 24000 CD makes the ride at night easier and clearer.

Bosch EFI system

Bosch EFI system, with precise injection technology, achieves stronger output of power. Two system modes are available: sports mode is for strong power explosiveness and fuel-saving mode makes the long-distance riding comfortable and stable.




Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 08

The new EVO adopts a low-rev and high-torque engine to achieve a maximum power of 7.8kW/7,500rpm and a maximum torque of 10.5N·m/6,000rpm. The gradeability is greater than 20°.

By optimizing the combustion chamber, the compression ratio is as high as 9.1:1, and the fuel consumption is only 2.5L/100km.

The new generation EVO is known as the street bike hero, because it has all the visual elements of a popular street bike: the awl face, the wide shoulder, high handlebar, the hunchback fuel tank, fairing, turnup tail, upward silencer, bold central shock absorber, front and rear disc brakes, colored wheel hub, etc. It looks like a mechanical beast about to roar on the streets.

The overall appearance design shows arrogance and strength. The alien-face headlamp, layered high/low beam, LED light source, and lotus-shaped taillight with 12 bright LED beads provide effective illumination to all purposes and ensure safe riding at night.

The angular 14L fuel tank has cool decorative cover on both sides.

The color-ring tire is made of hard, wear-resistant materials, with good grip to conquer any road conditions.

The HD dashboard, negative full screen digital display, enables the rider to easily check the riding data on the road.

The split saddle shows high-end luxury, and the upturned pillion is also unique, which is comfortably cushioned both for the rider and passenger.

The adjustable central rear shock absorber, with integral rear shock protection plate, for comfortable riding, delivers a pleasing riding experience.




Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 07

CHINCHILLAV, BENDA’s brand new American style cruiserwas officially launched into the market. The adoption of a V-shaped two-cylinder engine and belt drive makes it more like an American cruiser. The LED lights, and the high specification brake system and ABS demonstrate the current standards of domestic cruisers.

CHINCHILLAV 300 presents the design style of current popular American cruisers, while the compact body and the black color scheme adds to metal and sports elements, which forms a sharp contrast with the mainstream domestic American cruisers.

The differences between the low-end and the high-end versions are mainly reflected in the rear rocker arm, tire and ABS. The high-end version adopts Timsun tires and aluminum rear flat fork, which greatly improves the riding texture and visual effect.

The retro style single LCD meter greatly improves visual effect.

The large fuel tank increases cruising distance. BD300-15 is equipped with a 298cc water-cooled V-twin, with a maximum power of 22.5kw (30Ps).

With the addition a Continental belt, the life of the transmission system can be maximally extended, and the maintenance-free nature of the belt can significantly reduce maintenance costs. More importantly, the belt adds to the feature of an orthodox American cruiser.

The aluminum rear flat fork meets the requirements of light weight and harmonious appearance, but the cost is slightly higher than that of the traditional steel flat fork, thus, it only appears on the high-end version.



LIFAN: KPT450 (LF500)

Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 02

Last year, LIFAN held a grand new product release conference to introduce ADV scooter and LIFAN KPV to the market, indicating that LIFAN was once again enhancing its motorcycle business.

The large ADV model, KPT450 (LF500) appeared on LIFAN’s overseas homepage. Trailers of this model had been exposed in China before that. With the gradual recovery of LIFAN motorcycles, KPT450 will soon appear in the public.

For appearance, KPT450 draws on some design techniques of KTM, including the semi-hollowed-out rear rocker arm, large tank side cover, and “donkey-faced” head, presenting an overall outline of a large-displacement ADV.

In addition to 20L fuel tank, the equipment includes front and rear ABS, spoke wheel rim, Shad three-box, full color LCD instrument, adjustable windshield, inverted front fork, LED lights, engine guard plate, large ground clearance, font 19-inch and rear 17-inch tires, two seat height options (805mm/820mm), adjustable handlebar, USB charging outlet, high exhaust, and factory-provided bumper.

It is said to carry a 450cc water-cooled single cylinder EFI engine with Italian origin, but no more details revealed. With the recovery of LIFAN’s motorcycle business, the official appearance of KPT450 should not be too far away. It will be a rare model in its field in the current domestic motorcycle market.

With a 450cc single-cylinder engine, great trafficability, and a large fuel tank delivering long mileage, LIFAN KPT450 is a much-anticipated ADV.




Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 10

VERACRUZ is a big innovation on basis of the CRUISE. The design of the scooter demonstrates retro and minimalism. The headlight, front hatch, and taillight are made slightly square, reflecting a retro style. The body, especially the chromium-plated parts, is streamlined, which features lightness and the beauty of modern craftsmanship. The entire body looks simple, smooth, and elegant. The energy saving LED lights are environmentally friendly and have a longer service life.

The streamlined body highlights the scooter. The chrome-plated design, LED lights, and innovative “wing” modeling are refreshing. The outline of the meter panel is well aligned with that of the headlight, which looks more graceful with the proper layout of front turn lights. The front turn lights chime in with the rear lights. The chrome-plated parts create a unanimously simple and retro body.

Immense power, long service life, good heat dissipation, low noise, low fuel consumption, smooth acceleration, comfortable riding experience, all these will give you an excellent riding experience.



BENDA: Asura400

Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 06

In the ultra-competitive middleweight street bike market, BENDA offers the Asura400 that is designed with a single-sided swingarm and powered by its own 400cc dual-cylinder engine, and takes on an ultra-modern original look. It took three years from development inception to mass production of Asura400. BENDA independently completed the appearance design, matching of powertrain to the frame, and the design of single-sided swingarm.

The unique appearance is extremely impressive. The body is compact with sharp line. The headlamp looks sharp with double-matrix LED lamp, bringing an even fantastic visual effect at night.

The large TFT meter shows clear and complete riding data.

The 16L fuel tank is made plump with the covering parts. The upper body of the bike looks powerful, forming a good visual impact with the front face.

The sub-frame is forged from aluminum alloy, which is not only a sub-frame, but also a part of the body appearance. It needs to leave proper angle for the seat and ensure adequate strength at the same time.

The front brake has double discs and double pistons, and the rear is of single piston type, with ABS as standard configuration.

Both the front inverted and rear central shock absorbers are adjustable.

The highlight of the bike is the single-sided swingarm, which has higher requirements for strength and causes higher manufacturing costs. Different from the single-sided swingarms on the market, Asura400 produced its own swingarm.

The multi-spoke aluminum hub is cool, but the single black color looks a bit toneless.

An airfoil fairing is added at the bottom of the engine to make the body appear plumper.

The blue spherical air filter is novel and unique.

Asura400 is equipped with BENDA’s own actual 389cc water-cooled asynchronous two-cylinder engine, with built-in balance shaft, with a maximum power of 27kw/9,500rpm, and a maximum torque of 32N·m/8,000rpm. It also has a Delphi EFI and 6-speed transmission. Because of the difference in actual displacement, the torque of Asura400 is smaller than that of CFMOTO 400NK (400.4cc, 31.5kw, 35.4N·m).

In terms of riding posture, Asura400 doesn’t feel as aggressive as it looks. The man-machine design fully considers the comfort requirements of daily commuting. The wheelbase is 1400mm long. Everything feels compact. It is more suitable for thin riders.




Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 05

As a new generation of street sport with high performance, ARES150 features avant-garde design, high-end configuration, professional control and so on.

It is a 150cc street bike developed by HAOJIN. It adopts some technological designs like large-size LCD meter, all LED lightings, lens headlight, daytime running lamps, multifunctional fuel tank protective cover, aerodynamic bodywork, nitrogen rear shock absorption, which bring the drivers brand-new riding experience.

CBF150 engine

This bike is powered by a top CBF150 engine with HAOJIN core technology. ARES reacts very quickly with a maximum torque of 13.0N•m. The acceleration is smooth without any breaks now matter it high-speed traveling or low-speed cruising.

Intelligent digital meter

Large-size LCD screen with LED backlight make the index clear at a glance. Its progressive indication of new is sporty and novelty. The integration of electronic sensor and instrument chip processing is intelligent and precise.

New disc brake system

Structure of pump and double piston calipers on the disc-brake has been adopted brand-new design with precise and strong braking output and flexible braking control.

Airbag rear shock absorption

Shock absorption airbag is inflated high-pressure nitrogen, which can regulate the hardness of shock absorber automatically and then adopt the smooth road or bumpy road automatically. Its riding experience is very comfortable.



LIFAN: KPV150(LF150T-8)

Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 09

LIFAN KPV150 looks like the Honda XADV scooter, with distinct and tough body lines. The body is covered by different-color and texture parts to give a good visual effect. KPV150 can be provided with or without ABS. Functions such as automatic start and stop, mute start, and flameout-on-side support are available on both versions.

The body size is 1,925mmx760mmx1,290mm, and the wheelbase is 1,320mm.

Circular LED single-lamp headlight. The middle arrow-shaped LED design is similar to KPM200. The top LED light bar is daytime running light, and the upper and lower LED lights are high/low beams.

The front windshield can be manually adjusted upward and downward. Full LCD meter contains the common data, as well as rev reading.

KPV’s one-piece handlebar provides good handling. Just like the one on KPT, the handlebar’s rubber sleeve and button layout remain unchanged. LIFAN’s KP users will feel familiar and happy to see it.

The central fuel tank has a capacity of 11L, which is the largest among the same level scooters. The tank cover opens through the cable under the saddle. The rider needs to open the saddle before refueling, which may be a little troublesome, but is safer.

Perhaps for the consideration that many KPV users will ride for long distance travel and on unsealed roads, the key is designed to be the stable and reliable mechanical type.

Front left and right containers are press-opened, convenient for daily use, but allowing for less privacy. The cigarette lighter and USB charging port are installed in the right container.

The front pedal is divided into two sections, leaving certain space for foot movement. Although the foot pad is made of non-slip texture, it is little slippery when it is wet.

The saddle shows good anti-skid effect.

The saddle is opened with a key, the under-saddle space is relatively small because of the compact body, the seat height, and the shock absorber and battery taking up some space.

It adopts front inverted and rear adjustable single shocks. The front and rear 14-inch septarian-pattern tires match perfectly with the ADV style, ensuring both off-road capability and visual effect, but the tires’ road performance is relatively weak. It would be much better if road tires are optional.

The exhaust pipe is as bold as a street bike, and the anti-scald plate is a considerate design. The side support is designed with flameout function.

KPV150 is powered by the self-developed NBD water-cooled engine from LIFAN, with the actual displacement of 149.3cc, matching LIFAN’s LGC-FI EFI, with a maximum power of 10.2kW/8,500rpm and a maximum torque of 13N·m/5,000rpm.

KPV’s seat height is 765mm and ground clearance is 135mm, which is its unique advantage as an “ADV scooter”.




Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 04

RX3S is the first of Cyclone series that adopts a steel tube frame to reduce a lot of weight. With three aluminum tail boxes, the bike’s curb weight is 200kg. It is equipped with a 378mL water-cooled SOHC 8-valve asynchronous twin, with a compression ratio 10:1. It has a Delphi EFI system, with a maximum power of 27kW/9000rpm and a maximum torque of 35N·m/6500rpm. RX3S is more suitable for street and paved road surfaces. The engine produces smoother power and less vibration. The seat height is relatively low, and it is less demanding for a rider to handle it.


TOP 10


Ten Chinese Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 Ten Motorcycles Attracted Most Attention In 2020 motorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

TIMO 200 is a new platform launched by DAYANG in recent years. Equipped with DAYANG’s water-cooled four-valve engine, TIMO will become a series model. After the rally version, the retro version follows. Although they are built on the same platform, the two models are completely different in appearance.

TIMO 200 retro provides a harmonious overall feeling with a concise and mild body line.

Internally, the biggest change is the engine, which has been further optimized. The maximum power and torque value are increased by 10% to be 13.2kW and 17.3N·m respectively.

The aluminum alloy rear fork is used in the retro version for the first time, and also the only model with an aluminum alloy fork in the current domestic market. The overall texture and strength of the flat fork have been improved. Of course, the cost is much higher than a steel flat fork.

Advanced configuration

This retro model continues DAYANG’s high configuration in recent years. The advanced configuration includes full LED lights, large LCD meter, standard double-channel ABS, inverted front shock absorber and adjustable rear central shock absorber, which has surpassed most models with the same level.

It also provides an aluminum spoke version and a steel spoke version for on and off road use, respectively, while the tire size of the two versions is the same, which can be exchanged with each other.

Proper riding fun

When TIMO 200 rally was launched to market, it earned the title of “multi-function light rally” because of its 200cc displacement and light and easy handling. When the retro version comes, it is dubbed the “multi-functional light retro”.

For actual riding, the light body, flexible handling, and 200cc power satisfy the use purposes of daily commuting, traveling into mountains and onto off roads. If you want more excitement, switch the gears more frequently, increase the rev. It can even run on unsealed road.

Since it is a retro model, it considers much for later modification. In the original state of the factory, it has been designed with some modification genes, such as the small black wind shield, removable bracket of headlamp, etc.



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    My name is Cristiano Peluso, I am a biker, Italy is my native country. In my opinion, all the motorcycles above showed are absolutely wonderful and deserve a much wider coverage on the Western motorcycles-oriented magazines indeed.
    I like the KPT450 by LIFAN best.
    My dream is driving such a motorcycle in China, exploring the Xinjiang Province. Riding a KPT450 from Ürümqi to Kashgar along the National Highway 314, at the border of the desert and reaching both the mountains and the ruins of the ancient towns would be an unforgettable experience.

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