Yuanxing Sport Bike Radial Tire Review

Yuanxing Sport Bike Radial Tire Review 1

October 12, 2019
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For motorcycles, the quality of tires to some extent affects the overall performance and safety, so a good pair of tires is very important to a motorcycle.

Sichuan Yuanxing Rubber Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a large-scale production enterprise integrating R&D, teaching, production and sales. The main products include motorcycle tires, e-vehicle tires, automobile tires, tricycle tires and ATV tires.

Yuanxing Sport Bike Radial Tire Review 2

The tire tested this time was a 17-inch radial tire. So what is a radial tire?

The radial tire was first launched by Michelin in 1946, with the international code “R”. Some countries call them X tires. Unlike oblique tires in which the cords are interlaced, the radial tire cord is arranged like the earth’s meridian, and centered on the axle. Due to unique structure and higher technical content, radial tires have better wear resistance, heat dissipation, road holding ability and other advantages.

The tested 17-inch high-speed Yuanxing radial tire was installed on a VOGE 300R, which had run for more than 8,000 kilometers. The road tests were repeatedly done by the same person in the same environment.

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First of all, the tire ran through “S” curves and “8” roads to test its road holding ability and limit state: the road holding ability was good, and the motorcycle handling was further improved with the tires (since it was an open test scenario, no noise test was done.).

Then there was the high-speed riding test: when the speed exceeded 120km/h, the tire showed its stability advantage. On some uneven road surfaces, the tire also performed certain cushioning function, bringing better riding comfort.

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Since the radial tire has less tire cord layers, and the layers do not have shear action, so it features less friction, faster heat dissipation, lower temperature rise, smaller rolling resistance, and less tread slip, compared with diagonal tires, which is conducive to improving the speed. During the acceleration test, the new tire’s 0-40km/h acceleration time is 1.7s, 0-60km/h acceleration time is 3.1s, 0-80km/h acceleration time is 5.0s, and 0-100km/h acceleration time is 7.8s. The 7.8s 100-kilometer acceleration time was faster than that of the original motorcycle. The better road holding ability and smaller rolling resistance of the tire played an important role.

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Through the test, Yuanxing’s 17-inch high-speed radial tire has been proved to have excellent road holding ability, acceleration performance and stability, which is suitable for daily commuting, track practice, long-distance motorcycle travel and other riding conditions. (Source: www.newmotor.com.cn)

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