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The AN-BU Motorcycles XS 650 Cafe Racer

Date:06-01-2017 Source:chinamotor

It seems the Yamaha XS650 just will not die. The parallel twin appeared in 1968 and thanks to the bomb proof cutting-edge unit construction and SOHC design it continued in production until 1985. That’s pretty long for a motorcycle! Together with the Honda CB series and the SR400/500 stable mate the XS650 has even become one of the most popular motorcycles to customize in the 21st century.

The last years we see Streetfighters, Café racers and Brat Style bikes conquer the European custombiker scene. That last style is named after the Tokyo-based workshop Brat Style, run by GoTakamine, one of the first Japanese builders who took cheap commuter bikes and stripped them back to the basics, fitting slimmer tanks, seats and removing fenders in the process. Call it Neo Retro or New Wave , it’s a look that we’re all got used to these days.

So what’s next? The increasing popularity of the flattracker style is becoming bigger but another style comes from An-Bu who seems to combine it all.

An-Bu has a big reputation in Japan, The company has a discriminating house style; It’s often based around relative small nose fairings and a asymmetrical small headlight, and a vibe that is part Mad Max 1 and part Punk- rock Tokyo street culture. This XS called AN-Bu Monster was built for the 2013 Yokohama custom show and is a particularly eye-catching example. 

The bike is running flat slide racing carburators, raised compression, big bore cylinders and an outboard oilfilter that combines as a oilcooler. The upswept right side exhaust system, is fully custom made. The engine has been tuned for torque instead of topspeed. The front fork, wheels and brake discs are of a 750 Genesis sportmodel and braking is done by 2 small Brembo’s in front and a Grimeca in the back. The superb Bordeaux red ‘70’s style topfairing is matched to a slightly longer tank and a Yamaha TZ raceseat. For the paint, An-Bu has selected a dark red/black theme with some mystical nursery rhyme/song lyrics about a monster on it!?. Which is a improvement on the big “Fuck Off” and “Hello Kitty” that was painted on a earlier An-Bu bike (although the L and the O were striped out of the text there!)

Internet: http://www.an-bu.jp/

Adress: An Bu Motors .463-0037 Amakoda 1-407, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya

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