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How Can We Export Motorcycle to Europe?

Date:06-01-2017 Source:chinamotor

Actually, motorcycle exports to Europe market is the wish of any exporter. However, considering the qualitative and branding conditions of Chinese products, this is not possible, unless by manufacturing an innovative product.

As we know, export to a market requires an understanding of culture, economy, and technology of that market. Geographically, Euro zone encompasses West Europe and Central Europe which is a developed market. This developed market, in many cases, is socially, culturally, and technologically the same as the North American market, but this market has its own transportation conditions, because transportation culture, in addition to social component of a society (culture, economy, and technology), is influenced by the geographical location and climate of that market.

At a simple glance, this cultural difference in transportation can be easily understood. Since the area of cities is small and the distance between them is short in Euro zone, people in these communities are more interested in small cars and motorcycles. Interest in small motorcycles, along with components of a developed society, has led this market towards the use of small scooters, as the use of scooters has now become the dominant culture of motorcycle transportation in Euro zone.

Today, due to the competitiveness of the global market, entering a new market has its own complexities. However, these complexities are doubled when the target market is the Euro zone market, because this market is the battlefield of the world’s technology leaders and powers.

Basically, various techniques are proposed in market entry theories. However, the process of entering the Euro zone market is expensive and time-consuming. For entering into such a market, a brand should be firstly an excellent one and then be able to create social for its products by spending high costs of advertising. This is something impossible for Chinese motorcycle manufacturing companies which have not created any position for their brand and are basically unfamiliar with the concept of advertising.

Nevertheless, markets do not always move based on academic theories. For example, a brand may pass a life-long path overnight by introducing a product without going through the process of branding and advertising. Apple, which has made the biggest surprise of the century, is a typical example in this regard. This company managed to send the world’s largest mobile phone brands (such as Nokia) to the dustbin of history in less than a year. In addition, by introducing tablets, Apple caused the bankruptcy of many companies producing laptop.

According to what mentioned above, it can be concluded it is possible to enter the Euro zone market, if you behave like Apple.

In studying the reasons for Apple's success, the important point is that while the world’s major powers of mobile phone industry such Nokia were proud of their dominant position in the global market, researchers of iPhone were seeking innovative solutions to create new products. Finally, the efforts of Apple’s researchers, along with the pride of large companies, led to the finding of a product bug in online lifestyle by Apple Company. Understanding this bug and doubled efforts and endeavor of Apple’s engineers for resolving it through introducing innovative products in 2007 led to the introduction of iPhone, a product which is believed to be the flagship of smartphones in the world.

Therefore, it can be concluded that we can make advantage of the negligence of major brands and path the life-long path overnight by offering an innovative product when the competitors are in a feigned sleep.

Now, the question that arises is that whether there is a product bug in the Euro zone market which can be considered an opportunity for the Chinese motorcycle companies. The answer is “yes”.

In 2013, Vespa Company introduced a new scooter named 946 to the market. Since this motorcycle was a detailed redesign of previous product of this company, it was highly welcomed by the public. Model design experts of Vespa Company were aware of the fact that the European developed society has a modern attitude towards the philosophy of model ethnography, so they predicted that society needs products with classic design. However, in products such as vehicles, because of preserving the technological structures, classic design is not feasible. For this purpose, designers use the redesign technique. A successful example of this technique in vehicles can be found in Rover Company, England. By redesigning its previous product (Mini Minor), this company was saved from bankruptcy and thereby became an international brand.

Nowadays, it can be observed that the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have become interested in this style of design (redesign of old products). However, it should be noted that the success of Vespa 946 has caused the Japanese companies to move towards this style. In order to follow the fashion, Vespa has designed and manufactured this product by hand. In this project, handmade manufacture of this product has increased its finished cost, as the delivery price of this product in various markets is about $ 10,000.

Now what has happened is that, because of its design, this motorcycle has gained a special position in the Euro zone market, but its high price, which is equal to the price of a low-class car, has made it an inaccessible product for most of motorcycle riders.

Reading this article firstly directs the mind of a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer towards copying, but the copy of this product cannot obtain the license of export to the Euro zone because of copyright law.

Therefore, it can be stated that an innovative solution should be found to this problem.

The important point in coming up with a solution is to achieve a full understanding of culture, economy, and technology, because such understanding could be very helpful in creating innovative solutions.

About creating innovative solutions, it should be mentioned that there is a concept named GT in the transportation culture of the Euro zone. This concepts is rooted in a social demand of European youth for standard cars with modifications in engine and appearance. This concept (GT) is so soaked in a social origin that we observe automotive companies have incorporated this concept into their [production line, in addition to producing standard cars. Nowadays, automakers have included GT Class in their product portfolio in the production line.

Considering the concept of GT, it can be stated that the design and manufacturing of GT 946 can be a good solution for the Chinese motorcycle manufacturers for entering the Europe market (Vespa has done the same work about some of its products in the past). However, this concept (GT) has not blown in the spirit of 946 so far.

In terms of the reasons for success of this project, the following items can be mentioned:

1 - Construction of this motorcycle does not require great knowledge, because the knowledge used for construction of 946 is the same as the knowledge used by many Chinese motorcycle manufacturers.

2 - On the other hand, since “946” is very expensive and many people cannot afford it, buying a 2000-dollar GT 946 is a great victory for buyers.

3 - Thirdly, since GT is not a copy product, it makes the viewers’ mind wrongly take it as the original product of Vespa Company. This would be very effective in the acceptance of this product in European markets, because they strongly react negatively to copy products.

About the design of GT 946, it can be asserted that the design of GT product is based on an engineering process, because the engineering team should calculate all parabolic and geometric equations related to a motorcycle before implementing the design and then the design team starts its work based on these equations. Extraction of structural equations of a product makes the design implementation to be out of the abilities of many design experts, because they have learned designing on paper, while calculation of parabolic and geometric equations is the work of a math expert and not a design team.

Hence, as a compassionate head designer, I advise you that if you like to join this project, try to do it masterfully and avoid taking it lightly, because this golden opportunity may be spoiled and lost by a wrong design.

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